Red Dead Redemption 2
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Random stuff (mostly shootouts) happening around the player sometimes to make the world feel a bit more alive...

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This mod adds some random events that happen around the player every now and then.
The events are very basic, they're *not* centered around the player, just random NPCs doing stuff to make the world feel a little more alive.

There are only a handful of events:
- Bounty hunter trying to capture someone
- Fistfight between two or more people
- Shootout between two groups

The events are random, the fugitive might get away or kill the bounty hunter; shootout can happen between lawmen, bandits or civilians ect...
You might end up wanted if you get involved, depending on the situation.
They might happen farther away from you, you'll only hear shooting or yelling in the distance...

I worked on this mod before my pc died and didn't get to finish it that's why there are so few events, but I thought I'll share it anyway. I might add more at some point, probably not any time soon though.

Extract the zip into your game folder.
Needs scripthook to work: