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Allows the player to use NPC-exclusive scenarios, introduces resting mechanics and more.

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This mod is a massive overhaul of Immersive Scenarios. This version is more refined and less intrusive, with less prompts and a heavy focus on resting scenarios. 

Fixed Scenario Usage:
Just like in Immersive Scenarios, you can:

Sit on chairs, benches, stairs and ledges

 Lean on fences, railings and walls

 Sleep on beds, on the ground and on bedrolls

 Pick up and play musical instruments

 Use buckets filled with water to wash yourself

 Play the piano

Dynamic Scenario Usage:
With this mod, you can switch scenarios on the fly. If you're sitting (can be on any chair/bench, except tables), press the key and a list of available scenarios will pop up. Once you press one of the prompts, the character will start the scenario. As of now, the available scenarios are:

 Smoke (cigar or cigarette)

Play instruments (guitar, harmonica, banjo, concertina)

Whittle wood

 Clean Gun

 Clean Hat

 Clean Boots

The key is set to Y by default, but you can set it to whatever you want in the ini file. If you're on a controller, press X or triangle.

The prompts will appear if you're sitting and pressed the key.

All the scenarios can be performed on any seat, including the musical instruments.

You can also start drinking or smoking when you're leaning on railings.

Using scenarios can trigger different effects. Cleaning your gun will fill the degradation bar, sitting/leaning will slowly fill your stamina core, and washing yourself will remove all dirt and blood.

You can sleep on bedrolls, beds, and on the ground. When you're sleeping, you can press the key to choose the amount of hours you wanna sleep for. Sleeping for 2 hours will restore all cores, sleeping for 4 hours will restore all cores and fortify the stamina core, and sleeping for 6 hours will restore and fortify them all. Time will fast-forward in real-time when you're sleeping. You can only sleep for a total of 6 hours in a short period.

Cleaner Horses:
This is an optional feature you can enable in the ini file. Your horse will get way less dirty: instead of getting dirt all over its body, the dirt will now be concentrated on the legs and lower abdomen, which is more realistic.

No Combat Music:
Another optional feature. The combat music will not play if you're in a gunfight, in melee combat or wanted by the law. Intended for more immersion.

Immersive ScenariosSince this is an overhaul and it edits many of the same files, it's not compatible with it. You can override the files with the ones from this mod but I can't guarantee it'll work properly. I'd heavily recommend using this one and deleting Immersive Scenarios, since I already included most of the features from it.

Serenity: No conflicts. You can use the same key in both mods.

Seats: No conflicts.

All the prompts can be translated into a different language. To do so, open the prompts.gxt2 file and replace the text on the right.

Drop Zen.asi and Zen.ini in your game directory and the folder Zen in your lml folder.