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This mod aims to overhaul the mainly the visuals of weather and the overall look of the game. It also includes reflection changes and some lighting changes. This is subjective to my taste.

Permissions and credits
This mod changes a few things
-Bounce Lighting
-Overall look of the game

I would lower darkness in the brightness calibration setting; so if the brightness were all the way down, I would tick it up about 4 or 5 times.

Thank you to stges for making that georgeous thumbnail for this mod. And thank you to Heisenbussy for the thumbnail picture.
And for  Heisenbussy, for being credited twice
Heisenbussy, one more
Heisenbussy, c'mon, we needed another one.
Heisenbussy, oh, and he named the font, and him and stges made Chinese Rocks
Thank you to RichardHertz (AKA Daddy Hertz) for being my biggest inspiration. RichardHertz (AKA Daddy Hertz) is literally my religion, and also thank you to RichardHertz (AKA Daddy Hertz) for being there, when no else could.
Also thanks to WhyEm for giving me tips and a guide on what these files do
And for TuffyTown, who made the visual settings reloader, which helped me immensley on this mod

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