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This mod tries to make fights and violent interactions more diverse, dynamic and interesting by making NPCs behave in new ways when getting shot (like stumbling and falling when running with a hurt leg, squirming on the ground when injured, lying moaning in pools of their own blood and much more).

Permissions and credits
The beta version of Ped Damage Overhaul 2.0 has been released! It contains new features and major adjustments (described in the changelog), so we'd appreciate your feedback on any bugs and performance issues you encounter. When reporting performance issues, please post your system specs if you can!
Important Infos for Bug Reports:
  • Which Version are you using? (Light, Standard, Overhaul - Optional Files yes/no - Euphoria Compatible yes/no)
  • Which other hooks do you have installed? (like RPH)
  • Which other mods and trainers are you using?


- Feature xyz does not seem to work - what can I do?
Check if you mod is installed correctly by pressing F9 (the "mod disabled"
message should show), then pressing F9 again (the "mod enabled" message
should show, as well as a line saying "ini file found"). If the messages
don't show or the line says "ini file not found", the mod was not
installed correctly.

- I have performance problems - is there something I can do?

Open the ini and look for the parameter named "ModEffectRange". Set the
value of this parameter to 50. If it still does not fix your problem,
decrease the value and try again.

- I have weird problems with my game (weapons duplicating when dropped, menus bugged, etc.)?!
You probably have other mods or trainers installed which are causing this
behavior. If you write a comment searching for help, please include your
installed mods, trainers and hooks - PDO itself does not cause such
problems and without this information, helping will be almost

- I have tweaked the ini and now there is weird stuff happening in my game - help?!
First off - please don't open bug reports for tweaking errors. I will try to
help you with tweaking in the comment section, if I can. Otherwise you
can contact the authors directly on



This mod tries to make gun fights more diverse, dynamic and interesting and keep them that way throughout the game.
You will find NPCs stumbling when trying to run with hurt legs, getting the wind knocked out of them when getting shot, squirming on the ground when fatally injured, moaning in pools of their own blood until they meet their end, clutching their wounds and stumbling around when hit, etc.

IMPORTANT KEYS (for toggling)

These are the standard keys, they can be modified via the ini file (as can everything else this mod adds to the game):
  • F9 - Toggling the mod on/off (the mod is enabled by default).
  • F8 - Toggling "Kill Wounded Mode" on/off (is disabled by default). This mod adds a feature called "Dying States" which makes NPCs go down when injured and still stay alive for some time (until they bleed out). If "Kill Wounded Mode" is activated, NPCs will die instead of entering the "Dying States".
  • F7 - Toggling "Longer Bleedouts Mode" on/off (is disabled by default). Per default this mod makes NPCs in "Dying States" bleed out within a maximum of 25 seconds (to not interfere with spawning waves of enemies during missions, which are only triggered when the first wave is dealt with). If "Longer Bleedouts Mode" is activated,
  • NPCs will take longer to bleed out (more realistic, but also hindering during some missions).
  • F2 - Toggling "Friendly Fire" on/off (is disabled by default). "Friendly Fire" currently only works for the Dutch Van Der Linde gang.


Here is a quick overview of the most important features:
First off, almost all of the features and their characteristics are based on chance, so the behaviors won’t be the same every time you encounter them - which should ensure more diverse fights and keep things interesting for longer than vanilla does... that was the idea, at least :)
Almost every feature can be enabled, disabled or tweaked in the ini (more information further down the page), so this is not only a mod, but also enables you to create your own experience.
This mod only alters behaviors and attributes of human NPCs - animals or anything else remain untouched.

Light version:

  • NPCs will react to where they are being shot (leg shots will make them stumble when trying to run,hand shots will disarm them, torso shots will stagger them, etc.).
  • When NPC's health decreases below a certain threshold, they fall over anddon't get back up. Then they go through different stages of dying, each with its own randomized behavior. Eventually NPCs will die of blood loss.
  • NPCs will sometimes (based on chance) audibly react when in hopeless situation (panicking, begging, cursing, etc.).
  • There is a bleeding feature, which makes NPCs lose health after they have been fatally injured. It operates based on chance, so NPCs don't all bleed out in the same amount of time.
  • NPCs burn alive for longer when set on fire.
  • There is a small chance of NPCs surviving a fire (although they won't be able to du much afterwards).
  • NPCs have a chance of staying on the ground for a random amount of time when shot (based on their health) - so you can now knock the breath out of your opponents.
  • For all included behaviors the movement and pain sounds have been adjusted (and also randomized) to hopefully make your experience more interesting.

Standard version: 
  • The same features as in the light version apply as well as the following additions:
  • NPC health and player damage tweaked to offer a more satisfying experience (no more bullet sponges).
  • NPC damage tweaked to offer more challenge to the player (since NPCs don't eat bullets for breakfast anymore).
  • You can now feel the difference between weapons, their condition and ammo types in combat (shooting with a properly maintained, powerful weapon with special ammo now feels like it should).
  • NPCs are less accurate shots and their accuracy declines along with their health.
  • Arm and leg shots do less damage to NPCs.
  • All NPCs can be disarmed (yes, even lawmen).
  • Hogtying disarms NPCs, so if they manage to get loose, they can’t shoot you - they might draw a hidden knife, though.

Overhaul version: 
  • The same features as in the standard version apply as well as the following additions:
  • Core drain (health, stamina, dead eye) has been moderately increased - now hunting and buying food become necessary options
  • Cores will be fully drained after death
  • Additional 25% of money lost after death

We hope that you will have as much fun with this mod as we have creating and improving it!


  1. Download Alexander Blade's ScriptHook:
  2. Extract Dinput8.dll and ScriptHookRDR2.dll into the main directory of RDR 2 (where the .exe file is).
  3. If you want Ped Damage Overhaul's additional features, download Lenny's Mod Loader. If not, ignore steps 4, 5 and 8.
  4. Extract the folder Mod Manager into the main directory of RDR 2 (the actual Mod Manager folder, not just its contents). Then go into the Mod Loader folder and extract only its contents into the main directory as well (not the actual folder, just its contents).
  5. In the Mod Manager folder, run the ModManager.UI.exe file to make sure Lenny's Mod Loader is properly installed in the RDR 2 directory.
  6. Download your preferred version of Ped Damage Overhaul, then open the zip and choose whether you prefer Light, Standard or Overhaul configurations (see mod description to understand the differences).
  7. Extract the contents of the chosen folder into the main directory. If you're using Lenny's Mod Loader, any files pertaining to it will be automatically placed in the correct folder.
  8. If you're using Lenny's Mod Loader, run ModManager.UI.exe to see if the optional files are showing as installed. If they are, you're good to go.
  9. Start the game and have fun!

While in game, you can press F9 to check if the mod was loaded correctly (F9 once to disable, then F9 again to re-enable the mod).


Version 1.45


In general, every parameter in the ini has a description (including information on how to disable the feature). Feel free to play around.
There are already a lot of features enabled and tweaked for out-of-the-box use, yet there are some features left untouched which can be enabled in the ini. That said, if you just want to disable one or more features, set their respective values to 0 (or whatever value the description suggests).
  • To turn off the bleeding feature: set BleedWhenDying to 0
  • To turn off the disarming when hogtying NPCs: set HogtyingDisarms to 0
  • To turn off the dying state features: set DyingMovementThreshold, DyingMovementThreshold2 and DyingThreshold to 0

If you want to disable a feature which is based on chance, just set the chance value to 0.
  • To turn off the knocking the wind out of your opponents: set KnockbackChance to 0
  • To turn off the possibility of NPCs surviving fire: set FireSurvivalChance to 0
  • To turn off the chance of stumbling when shot in the leg: set StumbleChanceOneLeg and StumbleChanceBothLegs to 0

There are also many other features that can be activated in the ini - here are some examples:
  • LassoDisarms -> makes catching someone with your lasso disarm them (no hogtying necessary)
  • NPCWeaponModifier (and many other damage modifiers) -> makes NPCs do more or less damage, depending on what you set it to
  • BleedWhenShot -> enables a bleeding feature which triggerswhen an NPC gets shot (so not the usual "bleed out when under x health" but consistent bleeding which is applied after the first hit of a bullet – the bleeding chance and deducted health points can be set separately).

The ini is full of values for those wanting to experiment a little.

One word of warning to tweakers: If the NPC health is set too high, headshots might not be lethal anymore, unless they hit the actual brain of the NPC (so a shot in the jaw would do more damage than other body parts, but would not be an instant kill). Actual "brain-shots" are always one-shot-kills, no matter the health.

(they are not real issues)

  • The disarming feature can be exploited to slow down new waves of lawmen. The same is true for the dying state feature. If there are too many lawmen dying or fleeing around the player, new waves won't spawn in until the lawmen die or get enough distance (this feature can be turned off in the .ini file if that is a deal breaker to you).
  • When disarming is enabled, the dropped weapons may appear partly invisible. This is only optical though, they can be picked up and used as usual.

All credits go to HJ and fitfondue.
Here is the original "modpage" (source code published there also):