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Fully functional moonshine operation mod, insipired by the system in Red Dead Online

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Moonshiner Role
One half-a-year development cycle later... it's here... the legendary modder Shtivi and yours truly created a fully functional moonshine operation mod Insipired by the system in Red Dead Online! Make sure to read the entire description very carefully, as the mod is hella extensive in its features! 

Starting your moonshine operation
After installing the mod you will get a new mission blip near the valentine jail, marked with a “C”. This is the introductory story mission for breaking out the moonshine cook - Clint. To start the mission the player is required to have at least $100 in order to cover the moonshine camp setup costs.
After getting the cook out of prison (and most likely shooting half the town while doing so) you can interact with him and select the location where you want to setup your moonshine operation (the location can be changed at any time later on), which will fast travel the player to the freshly built camp.

Moonshine Camp
In the camp you will meet guards going around the place, as well as Clint (the cook) tending the moonshine still. There will also be an empty wagon already waiting for a moonshine export delivery (we'll talk about that later). To access the main feature of the mod you have to walk into the main tent where you can manage your moonshine operation’s business side, change the current camp location at the cost of another $100 or go on a sabotage mission.

Brewing your first batch of moonshine
As the process is heavily inspired by the moonshiner role, Red Dead Online players will feel right at home. For those who didn’t experience the online component of rdr2, I’ll break it down to you in simple terms.
You need two things to make (and profit from) a batch of moonshine. First you select the mash (which is essentially an alcohol base), the stronger the mash the better moonshine you can make, however it’ll have to cook for longer. Then we have the flavouring. While you can sell an unflavoured batch, it is much more profitable to sell one with a good taste! As opposed to the mash, flavours require specific ingredients to be added to the still. In the menu you can see all the requirements and once you have them all, after selecting the flavour recipe you will be tasked to put the ingredients into the still. To do so quit the “moonshine business” menu and head to the still marked with a golden blip. There you can put in the ingredients with the dedicated prompt (and also experience a cool animation!!). Iif the mash is ready and the flavour ingredients are in, all you can do is wait for the batch to brew.

Selling the moonshine
When the flavour is ready and the entire batch of 20 bottles is brewed you can go up to the wagon located in your camp and start a delivery mission. The task here is to carefully drive the wagon with the moonshine loaded on it to the buyer. The more deliveries you do, the more the law awareness will rise, leading to the law getting involved in attacking your shipments and making ambushes. Rival moonshiners will also attempt to steal your ‘shine. They will do it either via interception of your deliveries or even by raiding your camp!

Bootlegger (Sabotage) Missions
As you develop your moonshine operation, you also have to develop your *brand*. Doing sabotage missions increases your influence which lowers ambush chances and (in the near future update) it increases your moonshine sell prices.

Extract the archive and put moonshine.asi, moonshinersCamp.asi and the required dependecies into the game folder. Then put the Moonshiners and lml folders in your game directory.

If you're using RGL (rockstar games launcher version of the game) launch RGL and RDR2 as admin, otherwise the game won't be able to save/load any data.

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