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A mod that adds all 4 seasons to rdr2! With each season having a custom color pallete, temperatures, sunrise/sunset times and much more!

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Dynamic Seasons
The mod adds all 4 seasons (yes... that's spring, summer, autumn and winter). Each of the seasons will have its own visual palette, temperatures, sunset/sunrise times, weather and everything else you expect with an actual seasonal climate.  Winter will of course have snow coverage, similiar to the one in red dead onlines winter event and late autumn/early spring, will characterize with more snow near the mountains! Every season will have a carefully fine tuned color palette, so yes... during autumn everything will have that cool orange vibe!

As of the 1.1 update there is now a widget showing the current season and for how long it will last. The widget will be shown when the hud is extended. 

The seasons last about 10 actual (not ingame) hours and will switch between game sessions, so for example if you played around 10 hours through 3 gameplay sessions, when you launch the game again the season will change! (The season lengths are editable in the ini file.)

When a season changes, you'll get a notification on startup! 


During winter the whole map (except New Austin) is covered in snow and the temperatures are very low. The weather conditions are harsher than ever, with snows/blizzards being able to come at any moment; at any place! Everything is also very "greiysh", to set an accurate vibe. Days are very short, being almost 3-4 hours shorter than during summer, with sun rising ~2 hours later and setting ~2 hours earlier.


Definitely the second most exciting season is autumn. As mentioned in the introduction, the season characterizes with an awesome orange/yellow color pallete. It doesn't has as tough temperature condtions as winter, but obviously there is a large chance for a rain or sleet during that time of the year! Compared to summer, the days are much shorter too (about 2 hours).


Spring doesn't "pop" so much as the others, as it visually aims at a slightly lighter "yellowish" blend of green... (if that makes sense lol). The weather conditions aren't really too different from vanilla, just the temperatures are slightly lower, with the days still not being the full length. Some snow from winter hasn't fully dried out, so you can expect more snow clearing out near the mountains!


Well there's not much to say here... it's the "vanilla season", with almost all the parameters being left on default values. The days are full length, the temperature is generally hot, etc. The only big change is that there is a bigger risk of storms than in other seasons.

Extract the archive and put seasons.asi, seasons.dat, seasons.ini and scripthook rdr2 into the game folder. Then put the Seasons folder in the main directory and the other Seasons folder (inside the lml folder) in the lml folder in your game directory.

For compatiblity with mods using visualsettings simply delete the corresponding file in the lml/Seasons folder and set the value of that file in the ini file to "0". Alternatively in the mod manager set the mod to overwrite Dynamic Seasons.

If you're using RGL (rockstar games launcher version of the game) launch RGL and RDR2 as admin, otherwise the game won't be able to save/load any data.

Vestigia compatiblity
To enable full compatibility with Vestigia, go into the ini file and set the corresponding vestigia parameter to 1. This will load the extra vestigia files. 

Special thanks
This mod wouldn't be possible without the support of my patreons!
Special thanks to:
Dick Hertz
Gavin Berry
Jay S.
Jessica Ferguson
Kevin Schinkel

and everyone else that supports me on my patreon!

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