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PotatoOfDoom and RealIndica

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FidelityFx Super Resolution 2.0 for Red Dead Redemption 2

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! No longer maintained due to the addition of an official FSR implementation from Rockstar !

Based on PotatoOfDoom's Cyberpunk 2077 FSR2.0 mod, this mod brings AMD's FideltyFX Super Resolution 2.0 to Red Dead Redemption 2; replacing its DLSS implementation. With similar-to-dlss performance gains and improved visual fidelity this mod is perfect if you struggle to run Red Dead Redemption 2 at your native resolution on a non-RTX graphics card.

Again, the implementation of this mod is based on PotatoOfDoom's Cyberpunk FSR 2.0 mod (Github) so updates concerning FSR 2.0 bugs will most likely be mainly handled by himself and the rest of the open-source community. I have simply made a loader for his mod and implemented the correct ViewMatrix offset!

You can view the source code for this project here.

Please, if you want extended support for PotatoOfDoom's almost universal FSR 2.0 implementation so mods like this can continue to be updated and have bugs squashed, support him here!

  • Download the latest release
  • Unzip the content to your RDR2 executable directory
  • Run RDR2 and enable DLSS (This is still FSR 2.0)

  • Remove nvngx.dll, nvngx.inid3d11.dll, ffx_fsr2_api_dx12_x64.dll, ffx_fsr2_api_vk_x64.dll and ffx_fsr2_api_x64.dll from your RDR2 executable directory.

  • Social Club error 4
  • Restart RDR2 and try again. It may take up to 3 tries but usually you wouldn't get this error. You can also try disabling overlay software such as MSI afterburner, steam overlay, discord etc.
  • Error MessageBox FFFFFF
  • Ensure that you are using a legitimate, up-to-date copy of RDR2 and you have followed the installation steps correctly.
  • Black Screen/Crashes
  • Set asyncComputeEnabled is set to false in your system.xml file found in Documents\Rockstar Games\Red Dead Redemption 2\Settings\system.xml
  • Option for DLSS not appearing in settings
  • Follow installation steps correctly and ensure you are using a legitimate, up-to-date version of RDR2.
  • Game looks bad/blurry with FSR 2.0 enabled
  • Lower TAA sharpening or disable it completely and set anisotropic filtering to 16x
  • Other
  • If you are still having problems or your issue isn't listed you can try disabling Windows memory integrity in your Windows settings. Refer to this guide here (W11/10). This is due to the nature of the loader and R*'s anti-cheat.