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This mod allows you to 'wait for a train' at any train station, and use them to travel around, without teleporting.

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Version 1.0.3: Once you waited for a train, doing it again within five (real life) minutes at the same station will be free. So if the no sound bug happens or anything else goes wrong, you can call another train without having to pay again.

Travel via trains from station to station without teleporting.

Stand still at any train station or on the platform near the rails for a few seconds for the 'Wait For A Train' prompt to come up.
In Saint Denis you're supposed to be in the waiting area a little farther away from where you normally buy tickets, to the south west.
Use the prompt and select your destination. Your train should arrive in a few seconds.

The trains are a little faster than the vanilla ones. You can set their max speed in the ini if you want them to be slower or even faster.

The prices are in the ballpark with the vanilla prices, I didn't make sure that they're exactly the same...

Once you spawned a train, the prompt will not come up again until the current train left the station and far enough away from you (200 meters).

Trains don't always take the absolute shortest route to your destination, but they should take a somewhat reasonable route. Let me know if you think your train went the wrong way at some point (with your starting station and destination).

Known issues:
- The guards and the driver don't react to you even if you steal things or enter carriages you're not supposed to.
- Occasionally a train spawns without sound, it should happen very rarely..

Download WaitForATrain.rar, extract it and drop the files into your Red Dead Redemption 2 game folder.
You're going to need Script Hook By Alexander Blade.