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A mod that will change the game completely, play as your own character that you make, and play along in my life of crime mod.

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Alright, I have taken a long break but then decided to get back into rdr2 scripting so this will be the first update of many to life of crime.
In the version of the mod, there is a skill tree (which can be opened with U), ranks, one train heist, and an intro, and an interaction menu (which can be opened with Z)
I Plan on updating this mod regularly and adding a lot of jobs too like bounty hunting, heists, etc.
In order to start/continue this mod, go up to the white hat BLIP at copperhead landing, near Siska penitentiary, and then press F on the boardwalk with the given prompt AFTER you created your character at the saint denis tailer. The mod will first start off by putting you into the character creator where you can design your mp ped the way you want it, then go through the intro and there are wardrobes around the map in different towns that you can use to change your outfit parts with a $20 fee. I will not be making a story anymore (explanation -
If you have ANY FEEDBACK please let me know, I want to improve and get better at this, and to make this mod the best it can be so let me know if I did something stupid is very appreciated. 

I recommend that you have a fresh scripts folder because I only run about 2 mods in my game. I Use the rampage trainer and my mods, that's it.
Also, make SURE that you make a main save for your normal story characters (Arthur/John) and then make another main save for your life of crime so as to not LOSE your main save game.

Discord Server -
Youtube -
Just Drag & Drop the asi into your RDR2's main directory.
Script Hook RDR2 -
ASI Loader - Version.dll (make sure to have this installed too as most MP things don't work without it.)

Lenny simple trainer
Red Dead Offline
Native Trainer
dinput.dll - (Make SURE to use the VERSION.DLL)

Thanks to -
Lilaaloo - For making a trailer and thumbnail for the mod 1.0 update.
The whole point of the mod is to play as a completely NEW character with all of your weapons and money being removed that is designed by you (using mp male or female), NOT to play as Arthur or John. This is the whole point of the mod. And while you play on in the game you can earn all of the weapons by buying them from a gunsmith or finding them anywhere on the map, and earn more money from doing missions and such to pay for these things and many more things I plan on adding.
Vers.1.0 - Old Version
-Base Mode
-Added First heist Mission (The Manor)

Vers.2.0.0 - Remake
-Revamped everything
-Added character creator
-Added Wardrobes
-Added intro and first train robbery mission
-Added Rank System
-Added Skill Tree

Vers.2.0.1 - Female Hotfix
-Fixed Female Characters not working with the character creator

Vers.2.0.2 - Feature Drop
-Added Interaction menu with player options like walking styles and resetting your character in the event your character breaks, respawning and equipping your outfit on the go.
-Fixed the death system taking to long to spawn in and should be MUCH quicker now.
-Changed the character creator with how it starts, you have to go to the blip in saint denis' tailor to start it now, so now it won't just start on game enter.
-Changed the music for the prologue to fit the atmosphere better.
-The Skill tree now shows how many SP (Skill Points) you need for each level.