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Reduces the amount of money you get throughout the game. Greatly reduces the amount you get from high paying missions.

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In Red Dead Redemption 2 you play as an outlaw who has to rob and murder people just to make ends meet.
Yet, the game will give you more money than you know what to do with in story missions.
This mod aims to fix that.

Every time you earn some money, a small part of it gets taken away. The more money you earn, the higher the percentage that is taken.
This way, high paying story missions are nerfed heavily, while Open World activities like robbing trains, bounty hunting and robbing stagecoaches , as well as low paying missions, are left fairly untouched.

The following table shows how much money you would earn in the base game, and how much money you end up earning with the mod, using the default .ini:

20$   -> 18$
50$   -> 42$
100$  -> 80$
300$  -> 190$
520$  -> 260$
2750$ -> 412.50$

The mod affects everything that gives you money. Looting, mission rewards, and selling stuff. 

The on-screen values for how much you earned remain the same, but your money counter on the top right of the HUD will be updated correctly.

The percentage of money taken is dependent on the following function:
MinTaxPercentage + (MaxTaxPercentage - MinTaxPercentage) * sqrt((MONEY_EARNED - MinCashAmount) / (MinCashAmount + MaxCashAmount))

You can edit the parameters of the function in the .ini file. Additionally there is also a Hardcore preset that will give you even less money.

Make sure you have ScriptHook. Download the files and drop them in your game directory. You should have 2 files, LessMoney.asi and LessMoney.ini