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Configuration file (saves most menu options and you can configure hotkeys), Controller Support, Manage Spawned Peds, Forge Gun, Explosive Ammo, Save & Manage Horse, Thunder Gun, Lumbago Defense Force and much more!

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Just a simple Mod Menu I'll manage from time to time.

What it offers:
» A configuration file that syncs with most menu options (sync can be turned off in the menu). You can also set the button that opens the menu from this file!
» All the basic functions like GodMode, Infinite Stamina, Cash Management, etc
» Controller Support (navigating up on the menu makes you whistle. Will fix soon)
» A temporary fix for when mission markers disappear (found under Misc menu)
» Reworked Add/Remove Honor functions (no need to fight a spawned NPC anymore!)
» Save Horse function (allows basic management of a saved horse like teleporting it to you)
» Hotkeys for teleporting to waypoint or toggling ragdoll (configurable in .ini file)
» Manage Spawned Peds (make bodyguard, heal, tp to, delete all spawned, etc)
» Spawn non-hostile animals
» Forge Gun (aim at NPCs and Left Click to Launch them where you're looking)
» Explosive Ammo (can toggle between all explosion types)
» Change Wind Speed (wind direction will be set to where you're looking when setting the speed)
» Change Snow Coverage type
» Change Menu Offset
» Directional TP options
» Plenty more really dope things that will most likely go unnoticed but are there anyway!