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Bounties Expansion is back, with an expanded & enhanced remake.

This mod aims to expand and enhance the bounty hunting side activity in the game, with endless missions available to play and random encounters integrated in the world.

Permissions and credits
RDR II Bounties Expansion
Expanded & Enhanced remake

A mod that aims to expand and enhance the bounty hunting side activity in the game, with endless missions available to play and random encounters integrated in the world.

Auto generated bounty missions, random encounters, fully remade enemy AI, lots of bug fixes, and much more.

- Download and install AB's ScripthookRDR2:
- Make sure you have an asi loader, it usually comes along with Scripthook.
- Copy *BountiesExpansion.asi* and the *BountiesExpansion* folder to the game's root folder.
- Make sure there're full read & write permissions on BountiesExpansion folder.

Quick start
- Head over to one of the new bounty poster blips you see on the map.
- Collect the poster.
- Get to the target's location.
- Capture the target.
- Deliver the target to the town's police department and collect your reward.

Random Events
The mod features various random events, making the bounty hunting experience much more lively.
- Rival bounty hunters will present in towns, collecting posters just like you. If you let them get away with a poster, the chance that they will come after your target (and get in your way) increases.
- Turn targets in alive and you might watch them being publicly hanged in town a few days later.
- Bounty hunters with captured targets will present in the wilderness, making their way to a police department to turn it in. You can steal the target and get the reward for yourself.

Improved enemies AI
Enemies AI is greatly improved from the first versions of the mod, allowing you taking advantage of stealth.
- Enemies will have harder time detecting you if you use silent weapons, walk crouched or hiding in the foliage.
- Enemies hearing and seeing range are influenced by the envrionment: weather conditions, time of day, etc.
- Enemies can now be lured to other positions. Play a short whistle or fire an arrow or a throwing knife near them to attract them.
- Bounty targets will spontaneously untie themselves when hogtied. If they're injured, the chances they attempt to escape will reduce.
  You can hit them while on a horse back to prevent them from escaping.

Additional features and misc
- Any gang member can be turned in alive at all police stations for a reward.
- Bounty posters are available all around the map, as well as in post offices.
- All missions are auto generated, including target names, mission locations, mission difficulty and more.
- Bounty posters have the same look & feel as the vanilla mechanic, with the original animations and UI.
- Lawmen and bystanders will react and greet you while delivering bounty targets to custody.
- Mission sets will be spawned before reaching their locations, allowing you to snipe your targets from afar or plan your sneaking.
- Annesburg has been added along with dozens of new mission locations.
- Rewards will differ from town to town, according to how wealthy it is and the demand for bounty hunting services.
- Targets located far away from towns will have higher bounties.

Mods like this take a long time to research and develop. Your support would be much appreciated!
Join my Patreon To receive updates regarding my mods, including early access mods and features!

Known issues
- The mod isn't capable of differentiaing between save games.
  If this is a problem to you, go into the BountiesExpansion folder and clear the contents of PoliceDepts.dat, besides the line looks like "next_id=X".
  Do not remove the file entirely!
- Using a keyboard & mouse setup: while viewing a bounty poster, the ESC key doesn't work - you'll have to press F. On controllers it works normally.
- Looting bounty targets might cause a slight honor loss. 
- Sometimes targets spawn in a closed tent. Replaying the mission would probably spawn it in a different spot.

It is possible to translate the mod into another languages easily.  
- Navigate to the BountiesExpansion folder in your RDR2 main dir.
- Open up Lang.dat in a text editor.
- This file is a key-value dictionary. The left side of every line is an expression identifier and the right side is it's value.
- You need to edit only the right side.
- Relaunch the game and the changes will be reflected.
- You may send me the new Lang.dat file and I'll upload it to the mod's page with a credit!

DISCALIMER: Lang.dat may differ between versions of the mod, and it's your responsibility to update your translations accordingly.


Thanks. It wouldn't have been the same without you.