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Adds the Privateer soundtrack to Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.

Permissions and credits
The Privateer Music Pack adds the classic soundtrack from Wing Commander Privateer to Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.

  • Dynamic Privateer soundtrack
  • Idle, combat, station, takeoff, landing, and main title music
  • Slightly edited tracks for better looping
! ! ! IMPORTANT ! ! !     Installation Instructions     ! ! ! IMPORTANT ! ! !
  1. Download the music pack
  2. Open the file with winrar, 7zip, etc.
  3. Drag the "music" folder into your RGO directory (default C:\Program Files\Epic Games\RebelGalaxyOutlaw)
  4. It will ask you if you want to replace the station launch and landing files. If you want the privateer takeoff music instead, say yes and replace.
  5. Open the Rebel Galaxy Outlaw launcher
  6. Click "Custom Music Paths" near the middle right side of the launcher
  7. Either navigate to the directory for each music path (ex navigate to the combat folder for the Combat Music Path) or copy paste the default paths below:
  • Main Title: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\RebelGalaxyOutlaw\music\Privateer Music\Main Title Screen
  • In-Station: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\RebelGalaxyOutlaw\music\Privateer Music\Stations
  • Idle: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\RebelGalaxyOutlaw\music\Privateer Music\Idle
  • Ambient: (We don't do anything here)
  • Combat: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\RebelGalaxyOutlaw\music\Privateer Music\Combat
    8. Click ok to exit the custom music paths dialog
    9. IMPORTANT: Check "Custom Music" or your music will not play
    10. IMPORTANT: Once in game, cycle through your radio stations until it says "off".

    11. Wait a moment, and the beautiful Privateer soundtrack will begin to play.

tl:dr: set custom music paths, check "Custom Music" in the launcher, then set your radio to "off" in game.

Current Limitations:
Due to the limited control over music with the lack of the modkit, we can't control which station music plays at which type of station. When the modkit is released, we might be able to change this. Also, the game plays the station launch music for launching and landing, so only the privateer launch music will play, not the landing music. Again, we can't control this at the moment, but I have included the landing music in the download anyway.

Mod author - Nucleartaxi
Nucleartaxi - putting together the mod and editing some songs to make them loopable

cybero75 - Converting the midi files into high quality recordings for the Wing Commander CIC (source

Wing Commander is a trademark of EA
Privateer was developed by Origin Systems
Nenad Vugrinec - Composing the original soundtrack