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Increase player count. Kick players. Quickly pick maps and gamemode. Load custom levels.

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If you want to use other blueprint code based mods, you should;

a) DO NOT subscribe to this mod with in-game and instead manually download it from the Nexus or webpages and place in your .../Paks folder with the other mods.
b) Enable the other mod's blueprints from the In Game Menu mod tab and then reload a level.
Mods requiring YOU to THAT ^^^


- Level Selector
- Settings Menu
- Status/Player Menu
- Mod Blueprint Loading Menu
- Server Browser Menu

- Increase player lobby limit.
- Custom map info/image support
- Basic Mod info support
- Blueprint loading
- Blueprint widget integration for mod makers (new menus and config menus)

- Ensure the checksum check is UNTICKED in your game options to play with others

- Double-tap the "DeployMenu" key to open. (default M)
- Alternative keybind is = equals (needs to be enabled)
- Hold alternative keybind to force load back to lobby.


Extract the download, then;
Put the file; pakchunk999-mod_InGameMenu_P into your game's pak folder location.
Located at the location below in your game install.
\Ready Or Not\ReadyOrNot\Content\Paks\

Not compatible with No Upper Right Hud
The same functionality can be enabled in the config menu since version 1.3.1-beta

Mod makers:
Guide for making use of the Mod Data feature for metadata or blueprint loading;
Guide for making Level Definition feature for your own map mods;