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DEVGRU themed with accurate AOR1 (Desert) US Navy Pattern reskin of base outfits, light armor and helmets.

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Pairs INCREDIBLY well with Scones Operation Neptune map!

DEVGRU themed outfits. AOR1 (Desert) US Navy Pattern, commonly seen used by SEAL Teams, reskin of base outfits, light armor and helmets. Also includes SOC (Special Operator Chief) Adam Brown memorial patch, and the Gold Squadron crusader cross patch in place of the games default blood type patches. Most authentic looking uniform I could create, even down to the tiny ACE (Anchor, USS Constitution, and Eagle) emblem incorporated into the AOR1 pattern above the letters "USN"" -- which in real life is used to prove authenticity.

Requires "Reskin Vest Fix"" & "Battle Belts for All"  for complete and proper texture appearances.

Work in progress. Planning to further edit helmets, fix minor inaccuracies of FROG gear (base shirt and pants), etc. 

Known issues / WIP:
 1st Person needs reskinned to match newest update.
 Patches aren't aligned on short sleeves.

Mods included in pictures:

Reskin Vest Fix
Battlebelts for All
Scones Operation Neptune (Map)
Fullscreen NVG rework
RE8 NVGs (MW Accurate)
Tan PEQ-15
HK-416 Tan Battleworn
Clone Correct - EOTECH HWS EXPS3 with G33 Magnifier
Knight Armament KAC QD SS-NT4 Suppressor with 2K Textures
Console Unlocker_Camera Mod v3.8 (for those sick screenshots)