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Lets you set multipliers on durability for equipment, consumables, and tools.

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This mod lets you change the durability of new items by setting multipliers on their default durability.

Item types are given separate multipliers as follows:

  • FluidDurabilityMultiplier - affects containers that can hold fluids (e.g. water bottles), letting them hold more fluid.
  • FoodDurabilityMultiplier - affects food items that have multiple uses (food items that are single portion are not affected)
  • UsableDurabilityMultiplier - affects "usable" items, like the hook, the bow, batteries, etc.
  • EquipmentDurabilityMultiplier - affects items that lose durability when equipped.

Each of these is set to 1 by default, so the mod will only change the vanilla game by editing the config file.The mod works by changing the value returned for max uses. As a result, existing items will appear to have lost durability with this mod installed, because their remaining number of uses is now a smaller fraction of their new max uses. Their number of remaining uses is not changed by this mod.

New items are automatically given whatever the game finds as max uses, so with this mod installed they start what the default max uses multiplied by the associated multiplier.

There is an additional SpecialDurabilityMultiplier which you can use to set modifiers for specific items. This is done by using the format


so to multiply the number of uses a new headlight gets, set:

SpecialDurabilityMultiplier = HeadLight:2

Multiple item entries are separated by commas. You need to use the item's unique name which you'll need to figure out from the code somehow. I can post a list somewhere if people actually use this.

The config file is created in BepInEx/config after running the game once with this mod installed. You'll have to run the game to the main menu, close the game, edit the config file, then run the game again.


This mod uses BepInEx to run, not Unity Mod Manager.

To install BepInEx for Raft, you can use this tool:


To install this mod, place the dll file in the game's BepInEx/plugins folder after installing BepInEx.

Source code is at https://github.com/aedenthorn/RaftMods.

If you want to complain or ask for help or help me test my mods, you can visit my Discord server.