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This mod adds a extra zoom levels to Project Zomboid, so you zoom in and out further.

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This mod has not been tested in multiplayer.
Extreme zoom levels will lead to unplayable performance.

Ever wanted to get a closer look at the many details Project Zomboid has to offer, or do you want to see further than ever before? This mod provides that by adding closer zoom levels up to 10% compared to the default 50%. The newest update includes more close zoom levels for smoother zooming. It also adds zoom levels up to 500% to see an extreme amount of the area around you. Do be warned that zooming out too far will make you game run a lot slower.

It is a simple edit of one the Java game files, so the installation is different than with the Lua files that are normally modded.

1. Go to you steam library and navigate to \ProjectZomboid\zombie\core\textures
2. Backup MultiTextureFBO2 by making a copy in a safe place (optional)
3. Drag and drop the mod file to replace the vanilla MultiTextureFBO2 file
4. Go to the ingame menu and activate the zoom levels that you want

1. Drag and drop the MultiTextureFBO2 backup into the file it came from, or verify game files on steam