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Rebalances the zombification mechanic to rely on sustained injuries, allowing for it to be based more on cautious decision-making over pure dice rolls.

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Tired of getting screwed over from getting bitten on the very first zombie attack?
Looking for a solution that doesn't involve disabling zombie transmission altogether?

This mod aims at making the zombification mechanic a little more balanced without eliminating or changing it too drastically, a simple yet effective solution for eliminating hardcore RNG.

How it works:
-The first few "attacks" will never result in zombie infections.
-After sustaining X number of injuries (injuries that have not fully healed yet), the next zombie-related injury and beyond will be particularly vulnerable to infection.
-Attacks that have a small chance of infecting you can be increased, so scratches and lacerations will be more punishing after reaching the threshold.

Default mod settings:
-Injury Threshold is 2
(This means that any zombie attack after 2 sustained injuries can result in zombification)
-Only zombie-related attacks are counted towards the threshold (Scratches, lacerations, etc.)
-To compensate for the added "protection", the risk of infection after reaching this threshold is doubled
-Think "arcade-style 3 lives only" or the "3 strikes you're out" rule.

Custom settings include:
-Injury threshold for zombification (Number of injuries you can sustain before you're at risk of getting the virus)
-Option to choose which specific injuries/ailments/conditions are able to contribute towards the injury threshold
-Percentage infection chances for various attacks before/after the threshold is met
-Debug mode

Extra notes:
-Custom settings can be found in the main options with a tab labeled "IT MOD"
-This mod overrides sandbox transmission settings, so you will have to adjust infection rates manually within the mod.
-This mod can also be used to modify vanilla zombification rates, simply set injury threshold to 0 and only change the "infection chance after threshold" settings.