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A responsive community rebalancing effort for Project Wingman.

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This mod aims to rebalance Project Wingman's aircraft and weapons to offer more interesting and viable playstyles, as well as re-enabling certain unused or underused weapons. Seek out ground targets from afar with the F/E-4's anti-radiation missiles; employ precision guided bombs and long-range missiles with the F/D-14; engage enemy aircraft with high-powered air-to-air weaponry in the F/C-15; and annihilate Federation airships with the Chimera's burst missiles.

For a detailed list of changes, check the articles section of this page. My goal is to slightly close the gap between low-tier and high-tier aircraft, while more importantly ensuring that each plane fills its own distinct niche where possible. To this end, balancing suggestions are absolutely encouraged; feel free to contact Lavernius Regalis#9919 on the Project Wingman Discord server with your feedback.

Files Included:

  • A-PW-WeaponBalancePack_PSM_P.pak — Project Sicario Merger version of Balanced Wingman. Contains assets and all changes, and can be merged with other gameplay mods.


  • Extract the included .pak file to ..\Project Wingman\ProjectWingman\Content\Paks\~mods
  • Use the Project Sicario Merger to combine Balanced Wingman with any other gameplay-altering mods of your choice.
  • Place Balanced Wingman at the top of the Merger load order if you want other mods to overwrite Balanced Wingman properly.
  • Enjoy!