Prey (2017)

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Updates Neuromod and chipset descriptions with more numerical detail, adds damage resistances to enemy research data.

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Detailed Tooltips
by RoSoDude

#### What is this? ####
This mod adds detail where it was missing from the in-game tooltips, based on data taken straight from the game files:
-Hard numbers for all chipset effects (e.g. Reduces X damage by Y%)
-Psi costs for Neuromod abilities
-Missing info in Neuromod/chipset descriptions (e.g. moving during Mimic Matter attracts attention, ARTAX Gen 1 boosts glide duration)
-Resistances in enemy research data (e.g. Thermal/Etheric/Voltaic Phantoms, Telepaths, Weavers, and Nightmare are resistant to Mindjack)
The mod is only available in English. Please let me know if you would like to produce translated versions of the mod.

#### Installation ####
Copy the English_xml_patch.pak file over Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Prey\Localization\English_xml_patch.pak.
Back up the original first if you like. To uninstall, simple revert to the original.

#### Wait, what the- ####
Yes, you read those descriptions right. The Kinetic/Superthermal/Electrostatic/Psychoshock Amp chipsets only boost damage by 10%, while Aggressor Amp boosts damage by 20%! Impact Amp increases knockdown by 4x, the ARTAX Gen 1 Propulsion chipset also increases glide duration by 267% even though it only mentions speed, the Fear Reactor chipset has only a meager 10% chance to activate, and... well, the list goes on. As such, I've created the CORE BALANCE modification for Prey [TBA] which addresses these issues and many more. Enjoy these detailed tooltips for the vanilla game, and perhaps come try CORE BALANCE after you've seen the truth laid bare.