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A better first person mode. No need to type "TegidCam" - use a shortcut instead. Jumping/falling added too. No more camera smoothing in first person mode.

Permissions and credits
Adds a shortcut to enter First Person Mode without typing in TegidCam. You can enter FirstPersonMode out of the main HUD (when you don't have anything selected).


  • Enter First Person Mode. Can be used in Select Mode (when you're not editing anything).
  • Sprint. Very fast movement.
  • Toggle Walking Speed. Toggles between your standard walking speed being either Fast or Slow.
  • Jump.
  • Toggle TegidCam/First Person Mode. Once in either First Person Mode or TegidCam, this will let you switch to the other. First Person Mode includes the new controls, jumping, and precise movement, while TegidCam includes mouse-movement and movement smoothing.
  • Gravity. In First Person Mode, the player can fall off edges or fall when jumping. There are a few things in place to stop you falling through objects, but it may result in you getting stuck on scenery if you jump a lot into awkward positions. You can fix it by exiting First Person Mode (Esc).

Video Demonstration


  • Ctrl + X : Enter First Person Mode (uses the Duplicate and Advance Move shortcut). 
  • WSAD: Move (same as your standard camera movement keys).
  • Shift: Sprint (Same as your standard Increase Freelook Camera Speed shortcut).
  • Q: Toggle Walking Speed (Fast/Slow) (Same as your standard Lower Camera shortcut).
  • E: Jump (Same as your standard Raise Camera shortcut. I'm working on getting Spacebar input for this).
  • T: Toggle TegidCam/First Person Mode (Same as your standard Toggle Freelook Camera shortcut).
The mods reuses existing keybinds, so if you don't have a UK Keyboard just look for the binds to the actions in yellow italics.

Keys (Visual)