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Adds a pet to the game whose Party Ability improves the scaling of Accuracy and Defenses, making the game stay challenging throughout rather than getting dramatically easier after level ~12.

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-- Baldur The Difficulty-Fixin' Pig-Buddy README --

1.21 Notes:
- Baldur is now available as a ring, trinket, necklace, or cape in addition to his pig form.
- Baldur can now be equipped on any party member.
- Baldur now scales directly with Character Level
- UI/tooltip cleanup
- Rebalanced Baldur's default values (Party and Enemy Accuracy both slightly increased)

NOTICE -- People who have an older version of Baldur will have to go back to Port Maje and buy a new, updated one.


Baldur is for sale at the Port Maje fishmonger for 450 copper.


Imagine a stat that directly determined how strong you are in all aspects of a game. Let's call it "Power". When you start the game, you have two options for how Power works:

Option A: Power starts at -15 and gains 3 points per level, up to level 20.
Option B: Power starts at -5, and gains 1 point per level, up to level 20.

If you take Option A, the game starts harder, but your Power grows at a crazy rate. If you take Option B, the game starts easier, but your Power doesn't grow as fast or reach the same heights. At level 5, the two options equalize at 0. But after that, Option A pulls ahead with its incredibly strong scaling. By the end of the game at level 20, Option A has bulldozed its way to 45 Power, while Option B is all the way back at 15 Power. 

The thing is, the hardest enemies in the game only have a Power stat of 18, or maybe 20, and most of them far below that. With Option A, you've significantly outscaled all of the opposition (and content) while still having a ton of game left to play.

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire only provides Option A by default. The purpose of this mod is to add Option B, for all those players looking to maintain a challenge throughout their playing experience. 

Enter Baldur, the Difficulty-Scaling Pig-Buddy.


If you already have an 'override' folder in your Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsofEternityII_Data folder, just drop the Late-Game Difficulty-Fixin' Pig-Bud folder into your override folder

If you don't have an 'override' folder, go to the your "PillarsofEternityII_Data" folder (usually located under Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity II), create a folder named 'override' there, and copy the Late-Game Difficulty-Fixin' Pig-Bud folder into your override folder


For simplicity's sake, I'm going to refer only to Path of the Damned in this readme. However, everything said still applies to all the other difficulties, just without enemies having a flat bonuses of +10 Accuracy and +5 Defenses.


This mod introduces a pet whose party ability rebalances the relative values between your party's Accuracy/Defenses and the enemy's Accuracy/Defenses smoothly over the course of the game. Compared to unmodded Path of the Damned, with Baldur in your pet slot and Path of the Damned rebalanced, at level 1 you'll have about +10 accuracy and +5 Defenses, and at level 20 you'll have about -30 Accuracy and -15 Defenses. In other words, the beginning of the game will be a little easier, and the end'll be much more challenging.

Every character in the game receives +3 to Accuracy and +3 to Defenses per level from level 2 onwards. Baldur's Pet Party Ability slows this growth by applying -2 to Accuracy and -1 to all Defenses per level. Or, more specifically, for each point in Alchemy, Arcana, Athletics, Explosives, Mechanics, Sleight of Hand, and Stealth on your main character. It also provides a flat +10 Accuracy and +5 to each Defense to compensate for the 4-6 points in these abilities most characters usually receive through class and background bonuses in character creation.

This does mean that putting points into those top-of-the-page active skills on your main character beyond what you acquire naturally from leveling (via equipment or rest bonuses) will hit you with -2 Accuracy and -1 to Defenses per point, but dumping into one stat naturally - for instance, putting 15 points into arcana for Spearcaster - won't have any adverse effects beyond the regular intended rebalancing of this mod. On the flip side, things like hangovers and drug crashes that give you skill penalties will actually give you bonuses, so be sure to keep those cleared for the intended difficulty.


Open the Baldur.gamedatabundle in Notepad (or preferably Notepad++)

Ctrl+f for '-1.5'

There will be two instances of this, one for your Accuracy and one for your Defenses

Adjust the values to whatever you want -- adjusting it to '0' means that the mod won't do anything (no reduced scaling), adjusting it to -3 will completely cancel out any growth your character receives per level. Adjusting it to any positive value will increase your per level scaling, and adjusting it to any value below -3 will make it so that you have negative growth per level.