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About this mod

The main objectives of this mod are the following :
- Make all abilities/subclasses worth including in a build (included feature : Summon rebalance),
- Ensure that Tier VIII and Tier IX are interesting enough to go Single Class,
- Correct a couple of weird mechanics
- Nerf a couple of balance breaking features (separate package)

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
Important notes ;
- This mod is designed for 
RtwP. Most of its content should work for TB, but I haven't tested it that much,
- The mod's packages included here are in English only. It will work with any language setup though, but modified texts will appear in English. However, the mod has a Russian translation that you can download there (follow the installation instructions):  https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/467/
- This mod has been designed and tested with the content of PoE2 Community Patch (I own no rights on CP, but I want to promote it).
- This mod will apply to any newly created character. For existing ones :

  • Active abilities will work
  • Passive abilities may or may not work, but arespec will allow them to work
  • Passive class and Racial abilities cannot be re-acquired via respeccing, so they might not be available to existing characters at all. This is only a problem for Sharpshooter, Mageslayer, Trickster nerf and some of the Racial traits, I think.

The files are split between 3 packages :

- Balance Polishing Mod Buffs : most of the changes are in this package. It also include glitch correction and minor rework

- Balance Polishing Mod Nerfs : not mandatory, but enables a more interesting gameplay by excluding the most broken stuff. Also include
a couple of ability which were completely reworked. The change in this package are highlighted in green in the mod description.

- Balance Polishing Summon Rebalance : a package dedicated to summon rework. Some were buffed, nerfed or both nerfed and buffed so it was
complicated to include in one of the previous packages.

Changes from Version 1.3 are tagged <Version 1.3> (for easy Ctrl+F) 
Changes from Version 1.3.1 are tagged <Version 1.3.1>
Changes from Version 1.3.2 are tagged <Version 1.3.2>
Changes from Version 1.4 are tagged <Version 1.4> 

Installation instructions, In order to get the intended experience :

- Get the Community Patch first and follow the installing instructions :  https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/335
- Download the mods archives above.
- Open <Pillars of EternityII>/PillarsOfEternityII_Data/ folder.
- Find the /overridesubfolder. The correct file path would be: <Pillars of Eternity II>/PillarsOfEternityII_Data/override/
- Extract the archive into your override directory, such that you get <Pillars of Eternity II>/PillarsOfEternityII_Data/override/BalancePolishingModBuffs and <Pillars of Eternity II>/PillarsOfEternityII_Data/override/BalancePolishingModNerfs
- Launch the game,
- Check the mod menu. The files should be loadedafter the ones from Community Patch, 
so they have to be lower on the list,
- If you don't want the Nerfs, de-select them from mod menu (or just don't install them).
- If you don't want a particular change,search the file with the corresponing name in the PillarsOfEternityII_Data\override\xxx\design\gamedata directory and delete it.

Detailed list of changes :

1) Class changes :

A) Fighter

Inspired Discipline : 
3  Discipline -> 2 Discipline

Power Strike & Inspired Strike :
4 Discipline -> 3 Discipline
6s Stun -> 10s Stun
6s Staggered -> 10sStaggered
Inspired Discipline only : +200% damages -> +300%

Take the Hit :
4s Recovery -> 0s Recovery

Into the Fray & Upgrades :
2  Discipline -> 1 Discipline
10 – 14 damages -> 5 – 10 damages

MuleKick :
Most upgrades use the PL of the original ability. A PL3 upgrade of a PL 1 ability used by a PL5 character will for example get a scaling of +4.
There was a glitch that counted Mule Kick asPL3 instead of PL1, so I corrected it for ruleset consistency. This basically gives Mule Kick +2 PL.

ToughenedFury :
25% proc chance, as announced by CP (CP implemented only 20%)

Tactical Dilemna now activates on Flanked or Hurt or Below (less than 75% health) and gives +50% recovery malus.

<Version 1.3> PLScaling as a Tier IV ability -> PL Scaling as a Tier V ability
(There is a small bug that caused it to get +1 PL.)

Constant Recovery & Rapid Recovery :
<Version 1.3> Set to Infinite Duration, but ticks every 6s instead of 3s

B) Paladin

Light of Pure Zeal :
5 Zeal -> 4 Zeal

4 Zeal -> 3 Zeal

Healing Chain (complete rework) :
2 Zeal
Range 5m + 4mJump
Friendly Target + 50 Bounce (yes, 50)
Heal 10 health perbounce (no reduction per bounce)
Can bounce several time on thesame target (0,3s delay)

Hastening Exhortation & Upgrades :
2 Zeal -> 1 Zeal
- Hastening Exhortation : Nimble for 15s
- Zealous Exhortation : Swift for 15s
- Hastening Command: Nimble and Strong for 15s

Liberating Exhortation & Upgrades :
2 Zeal -> 1 Zeal
20s Duration -> 15s

Reinforcing Exhortation & Upgrades :
2 Zeal -> 1 Zeal
12s Duration -> 10s

Glorious beacon & Upgrades :
3s/4s Cast -> 0,5s/4,5s Cast
1,5m AoE -> 2,5m AoE
8s Duration -> 12s Duration (for all effects, including upgrades)

Sacred immolation & Upgrades :
4 Zeal -> 3 Zeal
32 raw damages per tick -> 20 damages
(I overrode the 3,5m radius from Community Patch)

Wrath of the Fives Suns (Pallegina special ability) :
Penetration : 7->12 
Penetration properly scale with PL (currently it does not)
Damages : 5-7 -> 5->15 (x5 Projectiles)
2 Zeal -> 1 Zeal

Greater Lay on Hands :
8s Duration -> 10s Duration

Hands of Light :
8s Duration -> 15s Duration

Inspired Defense :
<Version 1.4> +1AR for 3s -> 5s 


C) Chanter

Also refer to Summon Rebalance for changes specifically about summons.

Brisk Recitation phrase take 4s instead of 3s.

Set to Their Purpose, They All Knew Their Part :
6 Phrases -> 5 Phrases (as unupgraded version)

Far from Defeated, His Heart Filled with Joy :
6 Phrases -> 5 Phrases (as unupgraded version)
+3 Phrases -> +2 Phrases
Far from Defeated, His Heart Filled with Joy and Their Companion Braved the Horde Alone are now considered Offensive instead of Non-Offensive
(important for Skald)
<Version 1.3> Casting/Recovery speed set to 0.5s/3s.
<Version 1.3> Corrected a display bug from the previous versions.

...Each Kill Fed His Fury :
Contrary to the ability it is upgradedfrom, this ability provides mere +5 stats boost instead of inspirations.
As it seemed really random, I replaced the statboost by actual Strong, Fit and Steadfast Inspirations.

Boil Their Flesh From Skin to Bone & Upgrade :
Secondary Cones replaced by simple 2,5m radius AoE. This enables the Acid Explosion to be properly centered on the victim.
(I learned that the secondary Cones originated from the caster instead of from the actual victim. This changes also correct this glitch)
<Version 1.3.2> secondary corrode damage 24-27 -> 48-54 (initial raw damages unchanged.
<Version 1.3.2> cast time 3s -> 0.5s

His Laughter Rang Through the Halls :
8s Daze -> 30s
Interrupt on Hit -> Interrupt on Graze

Soft Winds of Death :
<Version 1.3> Damages and Healing : 2 per tick -> 3 per tick

The Dragon Slashed, the Dragon Trashed :
<Version 1.3> PEN 7 -> 9
<Version 1.3> Damages set to 4 per ticks (Community Patch set it to 5 per tick for both type. I kept the both types of damages per tick but lowered the damages)

The Fox from the Farmer did run and leap :
<Version 1.3.2> Now add a -15 Reflex debuff

White Wurms Writhed in the belly of the Beast & upgrade :
<Version 1.3.2> Not necessary to succeed an attack vs a corpse to trigger the explosion.
<Version 1.3.2> Added Disease and Decay Keywords.

D) Rangers

Sharpshooter :
+20% Range with all ranged weapons

Hobbling Shot :
Hobbled for 10s->15s 

Heal Companion & Upgrade :
2 Bonds -> 1 Bond
Cast time : 3s/4s -> 0,5s/4,5s
Range 4m-> 10m
Note: I didn't follow Community Patch change for this one.

Revive Companion & Upgrade :
Revivewith 50 health -> 100 health
VengefulRevival : +20% damage -> +30%

Brutal Takedown : Interrupton Hit -> Interrupt on Graze

Deadly Surprise :
+100% damage -> +300%

Bonded Fury :
3 Bonds -> 2 Bonds
Cast time : 0,5s/4s ->0,5s/0s
Range : 6m -> 10m

Twinned Shot :
2 Bonds -> 1 Bond

Vengeful Grief :
Duration 15s -> Infinite 
(note that DEX and MIG affliction still dispell the Inspirations you get)

Heart Seeker :
20s Enfeebled -> Infinite Duration Enfeebled (but cancelled by CON Inspirations)

Shadowed Hunters :
Pet's first bite after using the ability apply a 30sDoT effect (20 raw damages per 3s tick). Note that first pet attack doesn't break invisibility (this is true in the base game).
<Version 1.3> Corrected a bug that caused every pet attacks to cause raw damages.

Distracting Training :
6s-> 15s (note that this is the base duration. It will be lower in general because the ability use pet's Intellect)
Now applies on Miss from all attacks, not just melee ones.

Stunning Shot : add 10% chance Bond on Crit

Pet Abilities Keyword :
Added Beast Keyword to all pet abilities cast by the Ranger so they benefit from equipment with bonus to Beast abilities.
Applied to Heal Companion, Revive Companion, Bonded Fury, Master's Call, Shadowed Hunters & their upgrades.
Not applied to Takedown and Play Dead cause they are cast by pet themselves (and PL can be detrimental to Play Dead cause it rise its

Stag Pet :
<Version 1.3.2> Carnage attack on Crit now scale (+1Acc, +0.25 PEN and +5% multiplicative damages per PL) 

Strengthened Bond :
<Version 1.4> +15 All defenses vs AoE -> +17 All defenses 

E) Barbarian

Mage Slayer :
Removed the Spell Resistance entirely.
Added -25% Hostile and Beneficial effect duration.

Corpse Eater :

Greatly buffed special food (and also replaced bonus MIG and malus INT by more varied effects) :
- Kith Meat : -5 Diplomacy, -15% Damages received, +3 Corpse Eater PL
- Corpse Loaf : -3 Diplomacy,+3 Health per 6s, +10 Fortitude, +4 Corpse Eater PL
-Forbidden Pie : -3 Diplomacy, +4 Resolve, Mind Affliction Resistance, +5 Corpse Eater PL
In addition, Kith Meat and Vessel Flesh can be bought from Vithrack and Imp vendors (Kith Meat price set to 100 gold)

Instruments of Boundless Rage :
3 Rage -> 2 Rage
Added Fire Keyword

Heart of Fury :
4 Rage -> 3 Rage

Savage Defiance & Upgrades :
15s -> 25s
Stalwart Defiance : changed to Gain Concentration every 6s

Leap & Panther's Leap :
6s Dazed -> 4s Stun
Dragon Leap :
6s Dazed -> 6s Stun
Panther's and Dragon Leap are now correctly tagged as Leap upgrades (which basically makes them scale as PL5 abilities -> effective +3PL)

Can now Crit (so can apply Blood Frenzy )
<Version 1.3.2> Get +1 Accuracy per PL (as other abilities. Carnage damages already scaled)

Accurate Carnage :
+5 Accuracy -> +10 Accuracy

Blood Surge :
25% Chance -> 50% Chance, but only apply to Hostile Targets (same change as Community Patch did for its Paladin equivalent)

Blood Thirst :
Cleaned the mess that causes it to proc twice on the same target and prevented it from being stackable with Crushing Blow.
Now proc only once except sometimes when 2 targets arekilled in a row (it applies twice then, cause Recovery is cleared before second target is killed, so you keep one charge)

Barbaric Blow & upgrades :
Removed the PR and Damages bonus to make the ability more focused.
Now Barbaric Blow & Upgrades do :
- 75% Hit to Crit chances 
- +75% Crit damages bonus (note : Crushing Blow do get this bonus, even if it does not get Crit Damages Bonus in the base game due to a bug)
- +200% Carnage AoE (soroughly 2.5m radius instead of 1.5m)
- Barbaric Smash : no refund, but cost reduced to 1 Rage
- Crushing Blow : no recovery (not conditional anymore)

Spirit Tornado :
Spirit Tornado applies Stagger on any hit, not only Weapon Hits (as the unupgraded version)

Vengeful Defeat : add 2 Rages on Unconscious

F) Wizard

Blood Mage :
Blood Sacrifice Recovery to 3s (does not apply on TB Mode, thanks
@Rooksx for testing and changing it for TB mode)
Added a -100% healing received for base 6s when using Blood Sacrifice, to make it more tricky to use.
Minor/Medium/Major blood sacrifice now restore spell Tier up to Tier 3/6/9 as intended

Conjurer :
Summon Familiar cast time : 3s/4s -> 0.5s/0s
(It's not very well known, but Familiars provide a +1 stacking and generic PL Bonus, as well as random +3 to one stat and a minor bonus.)

Transmuter :
Form of the Fearsome Brute changes :
- Form of the Fearsome Brute Armor : +100% Recovery -> +20% Recovery
- Form of the FearsomeBrute Fist : 13-25 damages, 6 PEN -> 18-24 damages, 7 PEN
- Form ofthe Fearsome Brute duration : 30s -> 20s
- Form of theFearsome Brute engagement: +1 Engagement -> +3
Note: these changes also apply to Form of the Fearsome Brute Potions

Bewildering Spectacle :
Cast time : 3s/4s -> 0.5s/3s

Confusion :
Added Interrupt on Hit
AoE : 2.5m -> 5m
Note: these changes also apply to Confusion Scrolls, Wael's priest and Trickster's versions.

Wall of Force : Now correctly displayed as foe-only (it was incorrectly displayed as hitting allies when casting).

Wall of Draining :
Now only add 0.25s to beneficial effects per ennemy hit every second.
That is equivalent to +33%/+100%/+300%/Infinite Duration bonus when hitting 1/2/3/4 foes.
To compensate, it now removes 2s from theirbeneficial effects instead of -1s.
Now correctly displayed as foe-only (it was incorrectly displayed as hitting allies when casting).

Caedebald's Blackbow, Minoletta's Minor Missiles, Minoletta's Missile Salvo, Concelhaut Corrosive Siphon : 
<Version 1.3.1> Added Acid Keyword

Concelhaut Draining Touch :
<Version 1.3> Acid Keyword was added by new version of Community Patch, but a minor glitch led me to re-add it myself.

Death Ring :
<Version 1.3.2> Added Acid Keyword

Nannasion's Cobra Strike :
<Version 1.3.2> Added Poison Keyword

Zandethus Draconic Fury :
<Version 1.4> Added Fire Keyword

Llengrath's Warding Staff :
<Version 1.4> Added +12 Deflection since the description advertise for a Deflection bonus.

<Version 1.4>  Citzal's Enchanted Armory :
Quality set to Mythic
Duration : 25s - > 35s
Added 100% Miss to Graze to Weapons
Added 100% Crit to Hit to Armor


G) Cipher

Wild Mind :
Miscast: set to foe only, but damages lowered to 0.5 x Focus.

Tenuous grasp :
0.5s/4scast time -> 0.5s/2s

Fractured Volition :
Change Weakened for Enfeebled.
<Version 1.3.1> Corrected display still stating Weakened instead of Enfeebled.
<Version 1.4> Corrected a bug that caused Enfeebled to have unlimited duration

Haunting Chain :
Duration 20s -> 40s.

Soul Ignition :
Target Fortitude -> Target Will (due to Cipher's passive, this is a buff)
16 damages per tick -> 20 damages 
Duration : 15s -> 18s

Now breaks after being damages 3 times.
Note that this erases the changes from CP that were supposed to make Mindweb break after a Hit (but didn't work)

Greater Focus : +1 starting and max Focus per character level, up to +20 starting and max Focus
<Version 1.4> +2 max Focus per character level, up to +40 max Focus (Cipher gets 25% of max focus at start)

KeenMind : +1,5 starting and per character level,+30 starting Focus
<Version 1.4> +1 starting and per character level, up to+20 starting Focus 

Complete Self : 50% +5 focus on Crit.

Brutal Backlash : 
<Version 1.3> Damages 20->40. Added PL scaling.

Soul Blade on Kill effect :
<Version 1.4> +10 Max focus for 30s - > +5 +1/lvl

Echoing Horror :
<Version 1.4> Add a +1 Accuracy scaling bonus for each PL beyond 7 as other similar abilities

H) Rogue

Trickster :
Sneak Attack 20% + 5%/PL -> 10% + 5%/PL


Indirect nerf : Blunderbuss Modal : Distracted for 10s -> -10 Accuracy for 10s

Smoke Veil :
2 Guile -> 1 Guile

Shadow Step & Upgrade :
3 Guile -> 2 Guile
Paralysis 6s -> 8s

Shadowing Beyond & Upgrade :
3 Guile -> 2 Guile
+50 Deflection that was cancelled inconsistently on 1st or 2nd attack (and most of the time only applies when invisible and therefore didn't have any purpose) -> +25 Deflection for whole duration

Smoke Cloud & Upgrades :
Interrupton Hit -> Interrupt on Graze
<Version 1.3.2> Pernicious Cloud now gets Acid Keyword 

Finishing Blow & Eleminating Blow :
+3%damages per % health lost from 50% -> +1.5% damages per % health lost from 100%
DevastatingBlow :
+6%damages per % health lost from 50% -> +3% damages per % health lost from 100%
I did not change the max values, but I made these abilities count from 100%.

Hobbled for 30s -> Shaken for 30s
Added "impossibility to receive Concentration debuff" on target for 30s.

Perplexing Sap :
Removed the weird Confusion on target's attack effect.
Upgrade Skaken from changed Sap to Frighten.

Strike the Bell & Upgrades (complete rework) :
 - Still Full Attack that Interrupts on Graze, with +25% damages and +2 PR.
 - Now all versions adds a 15s Dazed effect
 - Melee 1 Hander adds a -25 Will debuff for 15s
 - Melee 2 Hander adds a -25 Fortitude debuff for 15s
 - Ranged Weapon adds a -25 Reflex debuff for 15s
 - All other effects removed.
 - The upgrades now allow their respective -25 defense debuff to last for the whole Combat (in a similar fashion as Gouging Strike)

Confounding Strike :
Start at -10 deflection malus, -2 per hit up to a total of -34 (doesn't stack with flanked from Confounding Strike's Blind)
Fix the stacking not working from CP.

Persistent Distraction :
 -Deflection and AR malus doesn't stack with similar effect anymore, as for all others Distracted Afflictions.

Deep Wounds :
Nowapplies 20% fixed amount of weapon damages in 4 ticks (2s ticks) as announced by CP. (CP implemented 3 ticks (3s ticks) for a total of 15%).

Wall of Flashing Steel :  added 10% chance Guile on Crit

Toxic Strike :
<Version 1.3.2> now gets Poison and Acid Keywords.

I) Druid

Also refer to Summon Rebalance for changes specifically about summons.

Wall of Thorns  :
No actual changes, but this ability displayed a base PEN of 7 which was wrong : it is actually base PEN 9, so I corrected the display
<Version 1.3.2> Now correctly gets Poison Keyword

Nature's Terror :
Casting time changed from 4,5s/3s to 3s/3s.
<Version 1.3> Set to foe only.

Sunlance : 
- Castingtime changed from 4,5s/3s to 0,5s/4,5s.
- Added Interrupt on Hit.

Nature's Bounty :
- Now its effects (20 health restored, +2 PER and MIG, +20% Action Speed for 30s) will apply directly instead of summoning potion.
- AoE reduced 5m -> 2,5m to compensate that it now affects summons and everything.

- Added 3 Base Bounce (Base 4 Targets)
- Number of procs raised from 3 to 5. 
- Charges are not consumed by Graze and Crit anymore
- Removed Interrupt part

- AoE set to 10m radius.
- Range set to 20m
- Added a true "Interrupt on Graze" effect, which is consistent with the Vertical Launch part.
- Casting Time tuned from 6s/2s to 4.5s/3s

Touch of Death :
- Set casting time to 0,5s/3s instead of 3s/3s.
- Add a +25 Acc modifier for this spell. So if your accuracy is equal or greater than foe's Will, the kill is guaranteed.

Wildstrike Frenzy :
-Changed from Procs on Kills to Proc on Crits
-<Version 1.3> Added PL scaling.

Fury Strom Blight Weapons :
-Now properly count as weapons (generate focus, etc...)

Spiritshift duration:
<Version 1.4> Duration scales +5%/Druid Power Level (I had to set Boar Wounding DoT to a fixed 9s to avoid it scaling too).

Spiritshift Stag :
<Version 1.3.2> Carnage implemented by Community Patch now receives +1 Accuracy per PL (as other abilities, carnage damages already scaled)  
<Version 1.4> +7 all defenses -> +10 all defenses
<Version 1.4> Carnage implemented by Community Patch adjusted to base 33% weapon damages.

Spiritshift Wolf:
<Version 1.4> +25% Stride -> +50% Stride
<Version 1.4> 1 Knockdown -> 3 Knockdowns

Wildstrike :
<Version 1.4> Now also provides +1 PL to corresponding "element" when shifted (Fire, Electricity, Acid/Decay, Ice/Water)

Greater Widstrike :
<Version 1.4> Now also provides +2 PL to corresponding "element" when shifted (Fire, Electricity, Acid/Decay, Ice/Water)

Venombloom, Vile Thorns, Plague of Insects :
<Version 1.3.2> Now correctly receives Poison Keyword.

Rot Skulls, Spreading Plague :
<Version 1.3.2> Now correctly receives Disease Keyword.

Purge of Toxins :
<Version 1.3.2> Cast time set to 0.5s/3s
<Version 1.3.2> duration 30s -> 60s

Beetle Shell :
<Version 1.3.2> Cast time set to 0.5s/4.5s


J) Priest

Also refer to Summon Rebalance for changes specifically about summons.

For deeper changes about Priest Subclasses, feel free to check following mod :
It adds subclasses for all gods and all priests get an unique or "borrowed from another class" spell on each tier depending on their deity.
The mod has been designed to be compatible with Community Patch and Balance Polishing Mod.

Divine Terror :
- Duration 20s -> 30s

Salvation of Time :
Changed to a lasting beneficial effects which adds 0.5s to every beneficial effects every 1s. That effectively halves their ellapsing speed of buffs (including SoT itself : it lasts 20s with a base duration of 10s).
Basically still add 10s but :
- Now benefits fromPL and INT
- Now applies to effects cast after it (especially useful for Vanishing Strikes...)
- Useless to cast several times in a row
- The most important : now a single effect cannot haveits duration more than doubled. 
It is still a very good spell, even better than before, but it is now impossible to abuse by combining it with Brilliant, and all other buffs will also have to be re-cast again at some point.

Hand of Berath :
- minus 5PL -> minus 10PL
- Now auto-hit.

Revenge of Skaen :
- Range 5m -> 10m
- Added a -20 Accuracy effect in addition to Blind.
The -20 Acc does not stack with -10 Acc from Blind but theidea was to create an effect that goes through Perception Resistance

Blessing of Wael :
-+5 All defenses -> +10
- Now riposte effect works vs any kind of attacks (not just melee ones)
- Now riposte effect targets Will
- Changed the Blind affliction (which was too redundant with Skaen's Revenge) for a random effect of -10 PER, INT or RES.

Symbol of Berath :
- Added Acid Keyword

Gaun Spells  :
- Added Plant Keyword (bugfix from CP, not base game)

Wael Confusion  :
- Added Illusion Keyword (bugfix from CP, not base game)

Magran's Version of Torrent of Flames :
<Version 1.3.2> Now foes only and get a +15 Accuracy bonus. Does not apply to Wizard's version of the spell.

Spiritual Weapons :
<Version 1.4> Removed the casting time bonus from Community Patch (the Martial Casting talent buff covers it)
<Version 1.4> Added +10 Accuracy mod to all gods weapons except Woedica's. 

K) Monk

Fixed the glitch from Community Patch that prevented Shattered Pillar to get max 10 wounds after picking lesser Wounds

Rooting Pain : +0.25PEN per PL above Tier 4 (instead of nothing).
<Version 1.3> also added damages and accuracy scaling with PL above Tier 4.

Lightning Strikes :
<Version 1.4> Added Electricity Keyword

Dichotomous Soul :
<Version 1.4> Added Fire and Ice Keywords


2)Summon Rebalance :

Weapon & Armor Scaling :

The biggest change is now that all summons weapon and armor scale with level (as Animated Weapons, Companion Pet's Weapons and a handful of other summons already do).
They all follow therules of the table in the link below (+1 PEN, +4 Acc, +15% damages for their weapons and +1AR at level 5, 9, 13 & 17) 

(Only exceptions are some of the Tier IX Summons because you get them after level 17. But most of them will have legendary quality weapons, or strong enough weapons anyway. )

Wizard & Monk :

No Change. All of their summons already had caslin weapons & armor. 

Druid :

Ondra's Whip, Watery Double, Lashing Vine : 
No changes. I think these abilities are balanced as they are (and their weapon and armor all scale at levels 5, 9, 13, 17 ).

Summon Sporelings :
Added Weapon & Armor scaling.

All Blights Summons :
Added Weapon & Armor scaling.

Call to the Primordials :
Added Weapon & Armor scaling.
Reduced the number of oozes from 3 to 2.
Reduced the duration from 30s to 20s.
Bog Ooze removed fromthe list of potential summons, replaced by Lesser Bog Ooze (but with the added scaling, it's actually somewhat stronger).

Fire Stag : 
(Weapons and armor already scaled)
- Change its fire shield so itprocs on "damaged" as other fire shields, and not on Hit/Crit.
- Set Engagement limit to base 3.
- Adjust base damages to 13 - 19 with PEN 8 (equivalent of a sword with +2 PEN and fast attack rate).
- Explosion is now triggered by death instead of ability activation. That means Barring Death Door will prevent it from exploding and doing any damages. But when Fire stag is killed byfoe, it explodes as if the ability was triggered. Fire stag can still kill itself to trigger the explosion.
- Explosion has been set to foe-only.

Aspect of Galawain :
(Weapons and armor already scaled)
Adjusted base damages to 13 - 19with PEN 8 (equivalent of a sword with +2 PEN and fast attack rate), so it feels better for a summon of this Tier. (Wolf gets higher base damage, and Lion has bonus attack speed).
Adjusted armor :
- base 5 AR -> base 8 AR,
- 25% recovery -> 0%recovery. Bear gets +2 AR on top of this.
Added an Interrupt on Hit effect to its base attack.


Spirtual Ally :
Added Weapon & Armor scaling (its armor scales up to equivalent of legendary plate).
Tuned down duration to 25s. 

Incarnates :
Changed-5 PL for 35s into -1 PL (stacking if used multiple time) for 120s.
This counts as a hostile effect and is decreased by Resolve and similar feats.

Now for specific Incarnates :

- Eothas :
Equipment set to Legendary Quality. 
Replaced one of the priest incarnate by a copy of the first since it had an infinite recovery and could only act once.
Duration reduced from 35s to 20s (triple summons would be too strong for 35s).

- Berath : Equipment set to Legendary Quality 
Duration reduced from 35s to 25s (double summons would be too strong for 20s).

- Magran : Weapon and shield set to LegendaryQuality.
Buffed to be a defensive juggernaut :
Set her CON to 25, RES to 25
Armor changed to 14 AR without weakness apart Cold and its Recovery would be lowered from +67% to +34% (this value is the one from a Fighter with Armored Grace wearing a heavy armor).

- Skaen : added +2 weapon PEN, +10 Acc, damages set from 14-20 to 18-25 (fast attack speed). +2 AR.
(Basically similar to a scaling from Exceptionnal to Legendary.)

- Wael : get scaling bonus (+4 PEN, + 16 Acc, +60% damages with weapons, +4 AR). I also gave him +10 CON so its health pool is more in line with other Single Incarnate, albeit still the frailest. I also added +5 DEX, +5 PER.

- Rymrgand : No changes to this monster.


Skeletons :
Added Weapon & Armor scaling. They start as poor so they have "exceptionnal" weapons at level 20.
Note : "Many Lives..." phrase skeletons don't really scale anyway.

Phantom :
Added Weapon & Armor scaling.
Phantom upgrade duration : 25s ->60s.

Wurms :
Added Weapon & Armor scaling.
Base Duration lowered from 25s to18s.
Upgrade cost : 4 phrases -> 3 phrases

Wisps :
Added Weapon & Armor scaling.

Ogres :
Added Weapon & Armor scaling.
Set their active abilities to 1 per encounter. (I didn't want them to be better than Drake at AoE or better than Wisp at Interrupting.)
Changed their "Down the Hatch" ability : it doesn't provide Tenacious and Robust anymore : this would have lead to too much AR and PEN if added with the scaling. Now "Down the Hatch" is renamed "Ogre Defiance" and only provides 10 health per 3s for 20s. Disoriented drawback has been removed. 
I added 2 PEN to their non-weapon based attack abilities to compensate for the loss of Tenacious.

Drake :
Added Weapon & Armor scaling.
Duration 25s -> 35s.
Added : Ground Immunity, Fear Aura and Dex Resistance that all other drakes have (Dragon Summon gets an improved version of Fear Aura).
Knockdowns :
- 2 per Encounter -> 3 per Encounter
- Damages set to 15 - 25, base PEN set from 7 to 10.
- Only affects Hostiles
Fire Breath :
- 1 per Encounter -> 2 per Encounter
- PEN set from 6 to 9

Dank Spore :
Added Weapon scaling. AR already scaled, but I aligned it with other summons progression.
Duration 25s -> 35s.
Foul Thing explosion on death :
- added 40 - 55 raw poison damages
- set Sickened affliction to Infinite duration as announced by the ability.
- only affects Hostile
- corrected a bug that prevented the Sickened affliction to be displayed.

Animated Weapons :
Are currently already fully scaled.
No change.

Will receive the benefit of full weapon / armor scaling.
In addition toscaling, I changed Dragon stats because they currently don't make sense, with a bottomless pit of health but lower AR and
attack than the drake :
- Armor 7->10(+4 from scaling) with resistance to Fire and Slash and vulnerability to pierce. (Based on the (scaled) version of the Drake, +1 AR)
- Health 200 + 50/level-> 100 + 30/level
- Attack : 16-22 CRU/PIER, 7 PEN,normal attack speed -> 20-26 CRU/PIER, 9 PEN, fast attack (+scaling) (this is based on the drake attack, but slightly improved)

3) Miscellanous Changes :

Now only restores spell Slot up to Tier 3 for Priests, Wizards and Druids.

Fire Godlike :

Fire AR 2 -> 4 
+1AR under 50% -> +2
Base Damages 2-4 ->4-5 Damage increase : +20%/PL <Version 1.3> 2-4 Damages, +20%/PL, +0.5 PEN/PL, +2Acc/PL and applies independantly from current health (condition to be under 50% health has been removed, only applies to AR bonus now)

Moon Godlike :
Silver Tide : 10 health +2/PL <Version 1.3> Set to 10 health +1/Level instead
<Version 1.3> Added passive Crescent Purity : 25% resistance to raw damages +4 Corrode AR

Death Godlike :
<Version 1.3> +20% Damages against Near Death foes -> +20% +2%/Level

Nature Godlike :
<Version 1.3> Added Passive EvergreenVigor : 10% + 0,5% per level healing received while ABOVE 50% health.

Island Aumaua :
<Version 1.3> Added +10 All defenses against Ground Based attacks.

Martial Casting :
15% Action Speed -> 100% Action speed when casting summoned weapons.

Quick Summoning :
15% Action Speed -> 25% Action speed when summoning.

Spell Resistance Ability :
<Version 1.4> 10% Resistance - > 15%

Adra Ban in shop :
Added Adra Ban to Una's Shop,
Adra ban set to for 10000 gold per unit : removed in <Version 1.3.1>
<Version 1.3.1> Also added Rubies and Sapphires to Una's Shop

<Version 1.4> Added Missing item "Torc of the Falcon Eye" (headgear, +2PER) at Una's Shop

Stun :
<Version 1.4> Cyclopedia updated according to Community Patch (Cyclopedia said it was -10 all defenses but it was wrong : it is -10 Deflection and another -10 Reflex with CP)

One Handed Style :
<Version 1.4> Also add 20% Miss to Graze and 20% Graze to Hit

Pistol Modal :
<Version 1.4>  -50% Recovery - > -40% Recovery

Hunter Bow Modal :
<Version 1.4>  -50% Recovery - > -40% Recovery 

Binding Block :
+15 Accuracy ->+20

Lasting Empower :
Corrected CP bug (duration increase applied to many stuff including non-empowered attacks), but I had to go back to base game version.

<Version 1.4> Not applicable. Refer to Empower section.

Bashing Shield :

Now Bashing Shields (Magran's Blessing and Best Defense) Accuracy, PEN and Damages upon attacking increase according to the shield quality
(example for exceptionnal shield : +8 ACC, +2 PEN, +30%)
Special thanks to 
@Noqn for implementing this very clean ruleset.
Not applied to Tuotilo'sPalm (its stats increase according to Transcendant Suffering / Monastic Unarmed Training as in the base game)

Damages and PEN set to base 7-10 with base 7 PEN to match their scaling.

Magran's Blessing Fire Shield slightly reduced (to compensate for the scaling applied also to retaliations) :
- 5-7 damages for base FireShield
- 8-12 damages for greater Fire Shield

Last but not least, the expected Cuttlefish nerf !!!  :
+1 Crew Morale -> +0 Morale

< Version 1.3> Dorudugan:
35 RES -> 30 RES
-15 Base Deflection
-1000 Base HP
BaseAR -> 14
SlashAR -> 16
(This change is included in the nerf package because it is meant to compensate for the removal of most cheesy combos from this package)
See discussion thread :

Empower Passive Rework
All the following changes are from <Version 1.4>

Accurate Empower : +10 Accuracy to Empowered Spell, +5 Accuracy until combat ends
Potent Empower : +30% damages to Empowered Spell, +15% damages until combat ends 
Penetrating Empower : + 2 PEN to Empowered Spell, +1 PEN until combat ends 
"Fast" Empower* : Instant Recovery to Empowered Spell, +15% Action speed until combat ends 
* to replace the bugged Lasting Empower.

Weyc's Wand : 
Instant Recovery of Empowered ability -> +15% action speed for 20s after using an Empower ability (to avoid redundancy with Fast Empower)

Chopping Wood : 100% Hit to Crit for Empowered ability, 20% Hit to Crit until combat ends 
Murderous Intent : (100% Hit to Crit /+100% Crit damages) against foes under 50% health for Empowered ability, (20% Hit to Crit /+20% Crit damages) against foes under 50% health until combat ends

Great Soul :
In addition to +1 Empower, it now provides :
- Martials : + 1 ressource
- Chanter : -15% phrase duration (~+17% chanting speed)
- Cipher : +3 focus / 6s
- Casters : +1 Tier 1 and +1 Tier 2 spell casts

Discussion References per topic on Obsidian Forum :

Fighter, Paladin, Chanter : https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/113694-project-for-a-balance-mod/?tab=comments#comment-2192038


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