Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
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This mod changes Rekke's base class from Fighter to Helwalker Monk, and adds the Helwalker subclass to his Brawler (Fighter/Monk) option.

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It's no mystery that Monk is one of the strongest classes in Deadfire.

I wanted to have a SC Helwalker in the party, but I didn't want it to be my Watcher—and I wanted to keep Rekke because, well ... it's Rekke and it's, like, the Eoran version of Michael Amott from Carcass and Arch Enemy.

Checoden's Deadfire Tweaks includes a component to add the Helwalker subclass to Rekke's Brawler (Fighter/Monk) multiclass option, so I used it as a base to create my own mod. Kudos to Checoden for his work and for vicariously enabling me to do this (I had no idea how to go about it before I checked out how he did it.)

Helwalker Rekke does two things:

  • It changes Rekke's base class from Fighter (no subclass) to Monk (Helwalker.) This way, you can have Rekke as a SC Monk in your party without giving up on your favorite red-haired metalhead ;)
  • It adds the Helwalker subclass to Rekke's Brawler (Fighter/Monk) multiclass option.

The second item differs from Checoden's in that I selected slightly different weapon proficiencies and a different talent/ability progression (neither of which makes a difference if you don't auto-level companions.)

To use this mod, simply unzip in your override folder. If you don't have an override folder, create it within your Pillars of Eternity II directory.

If you run into a bug, leave a message here in as much detail as you can and I'll try to address it.