Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
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This mod unlock the sails and hulls and other slots for The Floating Hangman ship.The ship is also buff to the point of it's being OP now to make it truly a legendary ship.

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Edit:I fucked up in the last buffed version resulting in Fonferrus's storm and green glow missing.It is now restore in the 2.0 version.

I was disappointed with how The Floating Hangman cannot use any of the ship upgrade parts. So I made this mod largely for myself to unlock the ship slots. Now Floating Hangman isn't restrict to use it's default stuff. I was also disappointed with how a legendary ship have such a shitty stat. So now I tweak the ship as follow:
-to use the junk layout instead of a galleon to house 10 cannons
-have turning and jiving speed of the Defiant(1 turn)
-have it's sail and hull health buff to 150 to 180 respectively
-have +50% default travel speed
-have 150 default combat speed
-and have 300 maximum storage for cannonballs, repair mats, and medicines.

If anyone only want the slots unlocked without the buffs, feel free tell me in the comment and I'll gladly make one

Install by droping GGJ folder in "override" folder as usual