Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

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  • ReadME

    Zilbest's New Overpowered Unique Equipments

    :: FEATURES::
    • 11 Powerful items to help your journey in Deadfire
    • Those items will be sold in the Berath's Blessing Store
    • Some unique items from vanilla game are also added into Berath's Blessing store

    :: New Items List::
    • Zilbest Citzal Armor
    - 10 Armor Rating
    - 25% Recovery Time
    - 15% chance to negate next recovery on (being) attacked
    - Grants Dragon Leap (New Abilities)
    - Grants Whirling Strikes (New Abilities)
    - 25% chance to pull and Damage Enemies on getting hit

    • Zilbest Citzal Sword
    - 1-handed (Sword Proficiency)
    - 1-25 Damage (Slash / Crush)
    - 9 Penetration
    - 2 seconds Re...