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This mod is complete, it just balances to all the other godlike racials except moon godlike, because moon godlikes racial is well...god-like and the others are pretty garbage, with fires having potential but falling flat.

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(so don't overwrite, delete the file first and then paste in the new one)


If its your first download and you are just replacing the original eternity version then you only have to do paragraph two here.

So basically you quicksave and load to load the updates, then you just save again to save it.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^READ THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

The main point of this mod is to make all god-like racials in the game actually good and up to the par with moon godlike,as moon gods racial is like THREE FULL HEALTH AOE HEALS 3 times a fight.

Let me put this into perspective, you know the adra dragon? know her breath that aoe one shots your whole party? yeah if you are a moon godlike and can reliably suvive that with 1 health its basically going to do NOTHING to you three times in a row (By instantly healing you to full)

Because even solo, it truly is a well...godlike racial and with a party you are like auto healing aoe more than a priest whilst doing other things as like a tank, So I want to make the other god-like racials good, I think fire's is good but far too low number wise, so I've just upped the DR for that and the god-like racial is complete and utter garbage so I'm revamping that completely to a more unreliably, risky to use, but powerful effect.

Not sure what to do at all about nature yet.

FUTURE OF MOD: In the future I'm actually going to change death god-likes racial, Im still going to have its proc but its gonna be 10% and once per rest instead of encouter and that will still be deaths embrace.

BUT I'm going to add another racial passive to them I'm going to call "Undying" in which if their endurace reaches 0 I'll instead allow them to use their health as life-force instead of being knocked out, but they will take 50% more damage and not be able to heal above 0 endurance for 10 seconds, but this will have no cooldown, this will make em very tanky and durable, especially to those with high health.

But also they wont be able to simple heal right away and offset the 50% more damage.

For now though the tools I've got simply arnt enough to do that, as its not even a mechanic in the game, but if they add mod tools I'll give it a shot, I'll also probely make fire godlikes DR 30 and remove the might effect, if I get more feedback.

Notes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Done Fire (may buff slighty)

Done Death

Done Nature (but may change)

Fire God-Like  / Battle-Forged

Whilst below 50% endurance:

gain 30 (20 with weaker Fire Godlike file) DR, burn attackers (now more likely to hit, its someone attacking you then getting burned, it makes no sense to miss so often)

Gain +5 constitution

The higher DR is to represent a true molten rock like flesh (obsidian ironically is molten rock) is a lot stronger than plate and so I've given it above plate armor DR, and this also makes it up to par with moon god-likes racial.

Like /wizard/priest/ect though the real good thing is that the fire backlash will actually be dependable now and not miss all the time for those with limited attack resources, so if its gonna be there it best actually work and at least hit when it procs.

Death-Godlike is known as the weakest god-like pretty much the worst racial in the game, yet their god-like aspect is arguably one of the greatest in existence, the males pretty much look like the scariest most badass race in the game and all death god-like npcs are considerably stronger than everyone else.

I wanted to give them something to reflect this, their new racial below is devastatingly powerful and arguably the strongest racial in terms of power, but its extremely risky to even proc, I've did extensive testing and its not something you can or are ment to rely on, its mainly there to turn the tide of a battle when you know you are gonna lose and when you are so close to death actually connecting it and finally tapping into your god-like racial (I originally planned it as 1% but it was too litte to ever work)

Death God-Like / Death's Embrace

Once per rest, Below 10% max endurance and near death, you become one with death. 

Being Nigh Unstoppable, unkillable and EXTREMELY fast and deadly for 15 seconds, duration NOT affected by intelligence.

You'll also gain the ability to delay death when you finally do die for a few seconds, giving you a few seconds to stay in the fight.

Note: this was a NIGHTMARE to get working, so If you're a death god-like give it a shot, this racial is ment to be obscenely powerful but also extremely rare to get the conditions and proc chance, kind of high risk, high reward, playing with death type of racial.

TIps: If it procs wouldn't waste time healing yourself up, make use of the Death State and use its power to kill your enemies, you can heal when its you got one second left.

Invest in constitution because there is a chance you can be taken down past 10% from say 11%

Even end game you're only gonna have 230 to 350 hp tops really, so its still a danger zone of 23-30 hp, the strongest but most dangerous
Nature God-Like / Nature's Hierophant

As the Heirophant of nature, all plant life subtely lashes out at enemies, from pollen in the eyes of your enemies, to a  harsh gust of wind when an enemy swings, nature makes sure you aim strikes true and their strikes miss you.

As such all things of nature such as natural poisons and disease do not effect you.

All Defenses + 10

Accuracy + 10

High Resistance to poison and disease.

Notes: I wanted this to be aoe as if nature is helping your whole party in these subtle ways like someone requested, but the aoe radius wont seem to take, I'll mess around with it but until I figure it out this will be what it is for now.

You'll also have the original vanilla racial for some reason, I can't seem to remove it, I think its actually programmed into another file unlike the rest.

Patch Notes

1.1 Fire God-like changed to what I've been using this whole time up to 30 DR and changed to 5 con as it makes more sense and might was seeming a little too weak
(Noted on PoE even with this racial at the very start I got crit by a skuldr king about 10 fights in a row for 67 damage dying even with 30DR + armor so I feel this is the most balanced racial, as 20DR was just far too weak)

Death God-like: Now the Death God-like racial now procs 100% of the time once per encounter below 10% hp for its limited time.

1.00 Nature God-like complete, but may change as I cant seem to make the passive aoe.

0.91 Realising how unreliable and dangerous this racial is (which I intended) During Death's Embrace you will now be almost gaurentee'd to crit.

0.9 YAHOOOO I DID IT, Death's Embrace is per encounter!

0.85 Removed Death's Embrace intellect scaling as it could potionally be far too op and its more difficult to do.

0.8 Increased Death's Embrace to 15 seconds (by the time your recovery speed from last attack recovered it was already only 8 secs to go)

0.7 Death-Godlike racial fixed and working (changed as original effect of a self res wouldn't work)

0.6 after much, MUCH effort and madness I finally got this death godlike to work and finally do what I needed.

0.3 Fire Godlike Racial changed to give less DR and less Might.

0.1 Fire Godlike Racial added


Installation, Put mod files in your C:/Program Files/GoG(steamappswhatever)/Pillars of Eternity/Pillars of Eternity_Data/Assetbudles/prefabs/object bundles folder.