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This Mod adds the ADATA Spectrix D40 Single RAM Stick with 32GB at 4600MHz to the PC Building Simulator

Permissions and credits
In this Mod the ADATA Spectrix D40 with 32GB at 4600MHz is added to the PC Building Simulator.

Follow the website https://theultimatemodders.webnode.cz/ for progress and bug fixes.

This Mod is a wish from S C O R P I O

This mod was made by anonymus637 and The Scorpio's Modding Team with technical help from Synogen.

  1. Extract the file and the folder into the main game path (the .zip)
  2. Backup your original File that will get replaced (sharedassets1.assets)
  3. Run the "Install ADATA Spectrix D40 - 32GB @ 4600MHz.bat" File
  4. Start the game and enjoy :)

Whats next?
For the team we have got many exciting mods in the works.

This mod was made by anonymus637 and The Scorpio's Modding Team.
Synogen helped with some technical aspects.

Author's Discord: @anonymus637#5825
Technical Mod Help: @scorpionius_#2041
Synogen: https://www.reddit.com/user/synogen1
Website: https://theultimatemodders.webnode.cz/