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PAYDAY2 re-texture project focuses on replacing all the existing game textures with a new ones.

Permissions and credits
Steam Group

Update 0.14.0:

New Textures and Changes

  • Added 4 new reticles (Lion Game Lion) Changing colour changes reticle.
  • Added a lot of new GUI textures in main menu, crimenet and loadout screen.
  • Added Almir 9/11 conspiracy parts which will result in reward in the future for solving it.
  • Added Almir textures.
  • Added Hotline Miami day 1 re-texture.
  • Added Taser re-texture inside “[POL] Enemies”
  • Added few uncategorised prop retextures (more in next update)
  • Added Van texture
  • Improved Normal maps
  • Added “[Frequent]” section.
  • Added “[Fun]” section.
  • Added “[GUI]” section.
  • Added “[HEIST]” section .
  • Added “[POL]” section.
  • Added “[PROP]” section.
  • Added “[PRP]” section.

  • Fixed Tree reflection
  • Fixed Normal maps

Update 0.14.5:

  • Armor re texture
  • Tweaked reticles
  • New main menu
  • New music (REPLACING HARD TIME) 

NOTES: Highly recommended to set your main menu music to hard time to get max benefits from this update.