Pathologic 2
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A mod that randomizes the status of districts (i.e. bandits, infected, normal).

Infinite replayability!

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Feb 23 update:
  • Fixed soft-lock when interacting with characters

If you get an infinite loading loop, apply the mod AFTER you finish the intro/tutorial part of the game, and it will work fine.

This mod simply randomizes the status of districts every midnight (doesn't apply to the first few days) to be either normal, infected, or have bandits. It scales with the progression of the game so you won't get 10 infected districts on day 4 or something like that.

It does not randomize which Bound get the "In Danger" status, though I may do that later.

If you have the Bound Again mod, you can download that + this together in the optional files on the Bound Again page.

* There is a known issue with the event that triggers the plague spreading that causes the districts to be randomized several times on day 3. This is a minor issue and can be played through normally and won't happen on any other day.