Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous
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The forbidden act of bringing some D&D 5e to a Pathfinder game

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Specifically sets it up so that by default, cantrip damage spells (Acid Splash, Jolt, Ray of Frost, Divine Zap) get an additional 1d3 damage dice for every two caster levels a character has. This caps out at 6d3 by default so it will just be under Magic Missile's max damage cap + be more likely to miss.

You can adjust how many caster levels it takes + how high the max damage dice cap is, via Unity Mod Manager's in-game menu, use Ctrl+F10. Restarting the game after changing settings is recommended to make sure changes works as intended.

Note that like other mods that add in new content and not just modify it, it will very likely become required to load saved games once you use it in a playthrough. 

Now also includes by request:
Disrupt Undead! Set up to add another damage dice every three caster levels. Modifiable like the normal cantrip damage spells.

Ignore Divine Zap option, if you feel divine casters are in a better place and don't need the scaling cantrip adjustment.

Virtue support: lets you add more temporary HP based on the caster's level. Default is one extra temp HP point per two caster levels. Again, modifable like the normal cantrip damage spells.

Jolting Grasp: cantrip version of Shocking Grasp added for Magus and Bloodrager spellbooks automatically as a level 0 spell. Modifiable like the normal cantrip spells in the Scaling.json file.

Firebolt: fire cantrip equivalent to Acid Splash. Added to the spellbooks of classes and archetypes that have Acid Splash. Is modifiable through the same cantrip settings.

Unholy Zap: negative energy equivalent to Divine Zap. Has its own customization settings, including the option to disable it entirely if you wish. Is added to classes that also have Divine Zap.

Cantrip Expert feats: lets you add a bonus from a given attribute (Wisdom, Charisma, or Intelligence) and use it to add bonus points of damage to a cantrip. (A +5 wisdom bonus on a 4d3 cantrip will be 4d3+5, as an example.)

How to install
  1. Download and install Unity Mod Manager, make sure it is at least version 0.23.0
  2. Run Unity Mod Manager and set it up to find Wrath of the Righteous
  3. Download the Scaling Cantrips mod
  4. Install the mod by dragging the zip file from step 5 into the Unity Mod Manager window under the Mods tab
Vek17 and their Tabletop Tweaks mod, couldn't understand how to actually do some of this stuff I couldn't dissect and take apart how your mod worked.