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These are two saves I use for my own purpose that I thought I would share with the community. They are mostly complete saves right up to when you chose a mythic path. After playing the beta the beginning of the game got really boring for me to play though over and over again so I thought I would make two generic saves to branch off of.

Permissions and credits
Updated: Evil save now has secret ending and runs on vanilla! Mods are only needed for the good save. Will update it in the future to not require mods at all.

Saves are not 100% complete just mostly complete. I missed things while trying to speed through them. However, most of the important things are all done. Good save has mostly good/ lawful decisions made but most don't impact the story branches and same with Evil start having evil/ chaotic choices made mostly.  You can respecialize to make your own character within these saves just make sure to choose the correct mythic path. 

Secret Ending Save (GOOD):
Requires two mods:
Buy Material Components
Tabletop tweaks

Good Start Save:
+ Lann
+ Queen Flirting

- Wenduag
- Swarm that walks (you for sure can't do swarm that walks on this save)
- Aeon

Evil Start Save:
+Swarm that walks

-Queen flirting

Unzip files into your saves folder in (Userfolder name will vary)/ appdata/locallow/owlcat Games / Wrath of Rigouts/ Saved games