Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous
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This mod adds archetypes/classes/feats from the Table Top. If an archetype doesn't align with it's TT version some homebrew modifications were made to either help it in this game, didn't fit in, or is simply just not possible for me to add.

Permissions and credits
Bug Reporting: Let me know if anything doesn't work right or is broken.

To install:

1. Go to Users/Username/AppData/LocalLow/Owlcat Games/Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

2. Place "OwlcatModificationManagerSettings.json" in this folder

3. Create a new folder called "Modifications" and place the mod in there.

Note: If you are using Windows check the "View" tab and make sure "Hidden Items" is checked to see the folder "appdata"

Note 2: If you already have the OwlcatModificationManagerSettings.json in use add       ,"HomebrewArchetypes"      inside the file.

Note 3: Multiple owlcat mods should look like this in your OwlcatModificationManagerSettings.json        ["HomebrewArchetypes","AC"]

Note 4: To Re-enable Owlcat Template mods so they don't stick at 99% on startup for EE install
via Unity Mod Manager. This will fix the issue for now.

For Automated Installation:

Main Mod:

Current Archetypes:

Blood Arcanist
- An archetype that gives a choice of sorcerer bloodline.
School Savant - An archetype which gains wizard spell schools.

Hateful Rager
- A half orc archetype that trades some rage powers for favored enemy, is modified from TT version since many of its features just make no sense for the game or have parts not implemented.

Arcane Duelist - Sacrifices some utility to become a stronger martial.
Dervish of Dawn - (Good Only) Loses Inspire Courage/Greatness/Heroics to selfishly gain bonuses to themselves.
Stonesinger - A dwarf only archetype.

Untouchable Rager - An archetype that gives up spellcasting for spell resistance.
Bloody-Knuckled Rowdy - An archetype that gives up defenses for unarmed combat.

Green Knight - A non-mounted archetype of cavalier

Evangelist - A cleric/bard hybrid archetype. Quite a bit of brewage here since it either became impossible to
accurately make or didn't have any of the spells available.
Undead Lord - Death focused archetype with the new undead companion.
Elder Mythos Cultist - Embrace madness and the void.

Halcyon Druid
- Druid archetype that gives up shapeshifting for more spellcasting power.

- A fighter archetype that sacrifices armor and weapon training for rages.

- A more durable brawler version of the monk.
Monk of the Mantis - Archetype that gains some sneak attacks and some extra effects on their stunning blow.

Oathbound - Oath of Vengeance
- A paladin that has more than normal uses of smite, but loses some bonuses on Hand of Justice.
Oathbound - Oath of the People's Council - A paladin that loses smite for bardic performance.
Wilderness Warden - Add a small amount of nature theme to the paladin.
Holy Guide - Archetype gaining favored terrain and the ability to share teamwork feats.

Ancient Lorekeeper
- An elven oracle archetype that exchanges skills/spells from their mystery for a selection of wizard spells.

Wild Stalker
- A ranger archetype that gains the barbarian's ability to rage.
Sword-Devil - The archetype of Red Sonja in pathfinder. Contains a couple changes
to the class such as dex to damage on slashing fury, but otherwise left
as is.

Sacred Fist
- A monkified version of the warpriest for those that want something different.

Undead Master
- A necromancy focused archetype. Is a pet class with the new undead companion.

Scarred Witch Doctor
- An archetype for half orcs that uses constitution as their casting stat(The real un-neutered version). (Now works with Lich hopefully) (Note: It will not remove con when you become a true lich.)

(New Classes)

Investigator - Finally the Investigator class! (In need of player testing and feedback.)

(Investigator Archetypes)

Jinyiwei - A hybrid Inquisitor/Investigator archetype.
Questioner - An archetype replacing alchemy spells with bard spells(is an arcane spellcaster so no casting in armor without relevant feats.)(Also does not lose access to alchemy discoveries due to the limited talent pool(May lose some discoveries as they are not usable? for the current questioner such as infusion.)
Empiricist - A more skill focused archetype.

For all those that want to roleplay a little here are the npcs!


(Prestige Classes)

Razmiran Priest - A pseudo divine caster prestige class for arcane casters.

Assassin - Assassin now has Fatalistic Faith(Will continue divine spellcasting progression every 2 assassin levels in exchange for giving up Poison Saves Increase.)

(Undead Companion)

The Companion is Neutral Evil and you will have a selection of 4 types with attributes in accordance to the class they are best aligned with.(You can multiclass them if you wish.)
Undead Companions get 4 custom generic classes of Fighter, Cleric, Wizard, Rogue. All of them should function just like the player's except for Cleric.

Cleric - Is limited on domains thus will not get access to swift or impossible domains. They will also not receive access to good aligned domains and a couple I have not implemented yet.


Adept Channel - Give a weak channel energy ability to those that take adept class
Strike True - Use a move action to gain a small bonus to attack.
Channel Smite - Apply channel energy to the first attack. If it misses the charge is wasted.
Greater Channel Smite - Channel Energy is applied to the first "hit" on the target.
Guided Hand - Use wisdom instead of strength or dexterity for attack bonus with your deity's favored weapon.
Hex Strike - On a successful "unarmed" attack on an enemy your next hex targetting an enemy is a swift action.
Monastic Legacy - You gain half progression towards your unarmed attacks as if you had taken monk levels. Does not count towards monk abilities/feats.
Blooded Arcane Strike - While bloodraging gain the benefits of arcane strike.
Fire Music - Allows the user to convert their spells to fire damage.
Discordant Voice - When using Bard Music add sonic damage to all effected allies.

(Basic Action)

Aid Another - Use a standard action on an ally to give them AB or AC




Void Domain - A domain built for travel and summoning

(Mythic Feats)

Mythic Guided Hand - Use wisdom instead of strength for your damage with your deity's favored weapon.
Mythic Crossbow Training - Gain dex to damage when using crossbows

(Mythic Abilities)

Poison Vulnerability - For 2 rounds as a swift action an assassin may remove poison immunity from a target.
Sustained Vulnerability - Ability that comes with Poison Vulnerability to extend the duration.

Homebrew Content(Optional "AC" Mod)

(Mythic Ability)

Abundant Casting(Homebrew) - This custom ability lets a spellcaster regain a number of spells per day of any spell level based on their mythic level.(2+1 per mythic level up to a maximum of 12 uses per day.) Picking this mythic ability disallows use of the original version and vice versa.

Empowered Bombs - Will increase alchemist bomb damage by 50%

Maximized Bombs - (Requires Empowered Bombs) - Will make all dice rolls maximized for alchemist bombs.


Numerian Greatsword - Abilities now last for 1 minute instead of 1 round, added Force Shield Ability, Attribute increases are now Alchemical instead of enhancement.

Blaster Bracer - Is a light crossbow and is now usable by players.(is a +0 lightcrossbow, but deals 1d8 force damage).

Fang of Malice - No longer has a permanent buff after raging. While raging the character will act as if under the legendary proportions spell and every successful hit will rend the enemies armor permanently by 1 stacking up to 5 times.


Now start at Level 1!!!!!!! (Do note a certain late game brother will lose his character as he will be a level 1 paladin with no way to become a hellknight.)

(In Testing via ACTestingGrounds)

Woljif - Is now a custom archetype the "Thiefling". This rogue archetype is a spontaneous caster that gains some magus arcanas.(Feedback on this is welcome)

Arueshalae - Is now closer to her TT self changing from a ranger to a rogue as well as gaining an actual assortment of gear when you recruit her in all her forms. Her rogue archetype is the same as her Ranger variant "Espionage Expert" and gives Arue some bonus succubus power, the ability to use longbow/starknife, and the archetype stacks with assassin to get a slightly better death attack for those adventurous enough to try it.

Wenduag - Is now her TT class which is a Ranger.

(Archetype Changes)
- Judgement Aura is now a standard action(Was swift), Sentence is now a move action(Was swift). This should make Judge a slightly better party buffer.

Forester - Forester now gets favored terrain rank ups meaning you are no longer stuck at +2 favored terrain bonuses.

(Currently Working On)


1.0F - Mythic feats for Blood Arcanist have been added. (Second Bloodline, Bloodline Ascendance)
1.0G - Added Ancient Lorekeeper
1.0H - Added Wild Stalker, Added 2nd Ancient Lorekeeper for half-elf, Fixed Arcane bloodline New Arcana not being able to progress.
1.0i - Wild Stalker rage support added to rage items, added Halcyon Druid archetype. (Note: Doesn't actually get a mask, nor does it get the embody mask ability since druids in WotR do not get the Thousand Faces abilities(Also no real models to work with for the shapechange)).
1.0J - Fixed compatability issue with Tabletop Tweaks.
1.0K - Halcyon Druid was missing bonus spells now has double the amount of choice of wizard spells, but also can only select spells that are 1 spell level lower than the druid's maximum spell level. Arcane Duelist is now added. Dervish of Dawn(Bard) is now added.
1.0L - Quick fix to Dervish of Dawn inspire greatness/heroics now active meditative whirl.
1.0M - Added Viking
1.0N - Viking Shield Training Text changed to reflect ability. Halcyon Druid's level 9 spontaneous summon fixed, and spontaneous level 6 spell is now Blade Barrier. Halcyon Druid Peacekeeper Ability now untyped bonus instead of Morale. (Note: You'll need to respec to see the changes on Halcyon Druid if playing Halcyon Druid.)
1.1A - Added Hellcat, Added Aspect of the Beast.
1.1B - Fixed Hellcat animations, Fixed Dervish of Dawn's lacking in performance uses, added other language files.(Note: These are still in English)
1.1C - Fixed description of Wilder Stalker's Strong Sense, added Extra Performance for Dervish of Dawn, Added Extra Channel for Lorekeeper(Life).
1.1D - Hopefully fixed the Dervish of Dawn's dances to be move actions at level 1 and swift at level 10.
1.1E - Blood Arcanist and dragon disciple merging should be fixed.
1.1F - Fixed Lorekeeper's Channel Energy(File got replaced by extra channel.)
1.1G - Added Stonesinger(Bard) archetype.
1.1H - Changed Quake's FX to Dirge of Doom, updated localizations for other languages so they aren't random strings, added Evangelist(Cleric) archetype.
1.1i - Changed the bonus spontaneous spells of Evangelist at level 1 and 5 to Command and Greater Command spells.
1.1J - Fixed Evangelist spell progression, Added NPC classes.
1.1K - Added missing spell from first spell level of adept, added Minor Magic and Major Magic to rogue talents, added Adept Channel and Strike True feats.
1.1L - Added Sacred Fist, Added Abundant Casting(Homebrew).
1.1M - Added Investigator(Class only), removed selection of abundant casting from the Main File. (Investigator in need of play testing by others before I add the archetypes)
1.1N - Fixed up several of the ability text to more accurately display what they do, made new selection box for alchemist discoveries/rogue talents when in the investigator talent selection menu, made inspire skill a flat 1 minute duration for ease of use. Evangelist's Selective Channel Feat should be working now.
1.1P - Abundant Homebrew is now for sure disabled as a selection in the main mod, Channel Energy being in the general feat list is now fixed, Selective channel for Evangelist is for sure unselectable by normal clerics.
1.1Q - Should fix the mutagen issue for everyone.
1.1R - Jinyiwei is now added(Needs testing as well as continued testing/feedback on the Investigator), Trapfinding for investigator now gives trickery.
1.1S - Questioner and Empricist archetypes added.
1.1Si - Empiricist was previously unselectable(Is now selectable)
1.1T - Huge Update there may be bugs and the like please report if found. Questioner will now gain arcane spellbook with prestige classes. School Savant Archetype added, Undead Lord and Undead Master Archetype added, Undead Companions now available. Dervish of Dawn is now officially Sarenrae only.
1.1U - Skeletal Wizard did not have proper class attributes nor did it have a spellbook this is now fixed. Undead Companion progression would randomly lose a level this should also be hopefully be fixed. The level 7 spontaneous conversion of Undead Master is now Finger of Death rather than Summon Graveguard.
1.1V - School Savant/Skeletal Wizard  level 0 Spellbook is now fixed.
1.1W - Fang of Malice no longer has permanent buff after raging.
1.1X - Added Elder Mythos Cultist, Added 11 new deities, Added Void Domain, fixed Halcyon Druid's Class progression window so it is more streamlined.
1.1Y - Fixed possible issue of void domain not getting resource for It Came From Beyond, a couple typo fixes, Warpriests now should get sacred weapons with the new deities, Added Channel Smite.
1.1Z - Changed how channel smite activates deactivates so it doesn't eat channel charges. Added Greater Channel Smite, Added Guided Hand(Clerics and Warpriests rejoice!   Added Instinctual Warrior's focused rage to the rages that activate Fang of Malice.
1.1Zb - fixed an issue with Evangelist's spontaneous casting, added Mythic Guided Hand.
1.1Zd - fixed an issue that caused mythic guided hand to not show up, added Untouchable Rager and Bloody-knuckled Rowdy.
1.1Ze - Changed text on Bloody-Knuckled Rowdy's unarmed combat, added Sword-Devil.
1.1Zf - Forgot ground immunity for Avatar of Vengeance, forgot about slashing fury allowing feats like mythic weapon finesse to be taken without weapon finesse.
1.1Zg - Fixed a text error with slashing fury, fixed new deities not giving proficiency with their deity weapon for clerics/inq/warpriests, added Hateful Rager
1.1Zh - Added Hex Strike as a basic feat
1.1Zi - Added Monastic Legacy
1.1Zj - First step of clean up. Monk unarmed progression changed to stack with Bloody-knuckled Rowdy and Sacred Fist. Sacred Fist flurry of blows added as prerequisite for pummeling style, added basic feats added to extra feat mythic feat.
1.1Zk - Fixed some text errors in sword-devil, added Oathbound - Oath of Vengeance and People's Council.
1.1Zl - Mythic Weapon Finesse is back to giving damage to melee weapons, added new mythic ability Poison Vulnerability for assassins.
1.1Zm - Fix to enhance potions not scaling with Investigator levels.
1.1Zn - Added Blooded Arcane Strike, Added Mythic Crossbow Training, added the new combat feats to warpriest/fighter feat selection pool.
1.1Zna -Chinese translation added(thanks to LeonhardtGridamas)
1.1Zo - Fixed Poison Vulnerability(Now actually gets rid of enemy poison immunity), added Inspirational Expertise to Investigator talents.
1.1Zo.a - Judgement of Justice once again works right I hope. Investigator now gains the proper 4+ int skill points per lvl.
1.1Zp - Priest of Balance and Angelfire Apostle Should now be able to pick channel smite.
1.1Zq - Added Green Knight, Added Wilderness Warden, fixed a small couple issues.
1.1Zr - Added Scarred Witch Doctor
1.1Zs - Added Extra Hex for Scarred Witch Doctor, hopefully fixed Scarred Witch Doctor and Lich combination completely, added Aid Another, hopefully fixed the issue with channel smite and Purifier and Shieldbearer.
1.1Zt - Fixed no 1st lvl feat, this time shieldbearer's channel smite should work, added Scarred Witch Doctor to the prestige classes.
1.1Zta - Hope the Undead Master's necromancy spell school is fixed for create undead.
1.1Ztb - Inspire Courage/Competence should be fixed.
1.1Ztc - Fixed issue of Evangelist not being able to select extra channel, limitless rage not being selectable with Viking/WildStalker, fixed piranha strike.
1.1Ztd - Fixed Elder Mythos Cultist not getting resource for gaze(Will need a respec if you already have gaze), Added Fire Music, Added Discordant Voice, Added Extended Vulnerability.
1.1Zte - Fixed Stonesinger's Tremor to do as written meaning the archetype just got a whole lot more powerful.
1.1Ztf - Elder Mythos Cultist should now get spellbooks with Mystic Theurge, HK Signifer, and Loremaster.
1.1W.T.F - School Savant Transmutation school unhiding of spells/telekenetic fist on character creation/level up screen.
1.1Ztg - Couple of type fixes, Dervish of Dawn is back to being Sarenrae only.
1.1Zth - Fixed Elder Mythos Cultist spellbook merge with Mystic Theurge.
1.1Zti - Should fix Channel Wrath on Oath of Vengeance to show up, should fix void domain's greater ability to now have a resource.
1.1Ztk - The Deathbringer stringkey archetype should be removed from the fighter list.
1.1Ztl - Razmiran Priest(Prestige Class) added, and Elder Mythos Cultist now has charisma based Chaos/Madness domains.
1.1Ztm - Added Holy Guide Archetype, paladins can now pick atheism.
1.1Ztn - Skeletal Companion now has continue selection for those crazy multi-classers, skeletal fighter now should be able to select greater weapon focus/weapon specialization feats.
1.1Ztp - Updated Chinese translation up to the arcane trickster additions, Arcane Trickster can now improve divine spellbooks as per the actual class description.
1.1Ztq - Assassin can now progress your divine spellbook via Fatalistic Faith.
1.1Ztr - Adds the Monk of the Mantis archetype.
1.1Zts - Issue with paladin being unable to level after selecting atheism fixed.

AC(Optional Mod) Changelog:

1.1 - Abundant Casting(Homebrew) added
1.2 - Abundant Casting(Homebrew) scaling with mythic levels, Numerian Greatsword now gives Alchemical bonuses rather than enhancement, and Blasting Bracer is now usable by players.
1.3 - Companions now start at level 1.
1.4 - New alchemist discoveries for empowered and maximized bombs.
1.5 - Empowered and Maximized bombs moved to mythic abilities, Fang of Malice while raging now makes the wielder act as if under the legendary proportions spell and rends the armor of enemies hit by 1 stacking up to 5 times.
1.6 - Changed Judge archetypes aura and sentence abilities to be standard/move actions respectively.
1.7 - Added Chinese Translation by LeonhardtGridamas
1.8 - Forester now gets favored terrain rank ups.

(ACTestingGrounds ChangeLog) :

1 - Wenduag is now a ranger, arushalae is now a modified rogue archetype with additional gear.