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A mod in the same vein as the original Respecialization mod for Kingmaker

Permissions and credits
I've been informed that Nexus Mods will honor neither mod deletions nor file deletions, degrading mod authors longstanding rights and the freedom to choose where we can distribute our content. Consequently, I can no longer support the nexus; therefore, Future versions of my mods will not be distributed on the Nexus. To be clear, I am neither retiring nor abandoning my content. Future versions will be available on GitHub. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you, and I'm sorry if you feel that my decision prevents you from using my mods.

The mod allows you to (for 1000g or a scaling cost) respecialize your characters, much like the original Respecialization mod for Kingmaker

  • Completely respec companions (no more 1+ useless levels).
  • Preserve original ability scores.
  • Use a custom point buy value up to 102.
  • Mythic respec functionality (Switching mythic paths will most likely break your game though).
  • Choose whether to retain background/religion.

Install & Use
  • Install Unity Mod Manager.
  • Install the mod using Unity Mod Manager or extract the archive to your game's mod folder ("Pathfinder Second Adventure Demo\Mods").
  • Open the Unity Mod Manager by pressing CTRL + F10. (Once ingame)
  • Select desired character and Ability Scores & Other settings, make sure you have the appropriate amount of gold, then hit respec.
  • It is recommended to Save and Load after finishing your Respec.

Scaling cost math is: Level * Level / 4 * 1000.
Please also file any bugs you find here

  • Pathfinder Wrath of The Righteous Discord channel members
  • @Spacehamster - awesome tutorials.
  • Newman55 for the concept and some bits of code. (From GitHub)
  • @Vek17, @Bubbles, @Balkoth, @Narria, @SpaceHamster and the rest of our great Discord modding community - help.
  • PS: Spacehamster's Modding Wiki is an excellent place to start if you want to start modding on your own.
  • Join our Discord

Source Code: https://github.com/BarleyFlour/RespecMod