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An overview of the Turn-based combat mod and how to use it along with Game kNight's opinion on the mod - is it worth playing with?


  1. bdh77
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    I'm a super noob when it comes to modding Pathfinder Kingmaker. As i just installed the game yesterday. After watching some YouTube videos I cam across one using this mod. I was blown away at how much it was like playing the table top version of pathfinder. I was going to install this mod. But after watching a video on it. Should I uninstall and Reinstall Kingmaker to a new folder? Its in the Programfilesx86/steam/. The video says if its in this folder windows 10 wont make changes to program. Wonder if i should have bought the game through GOG? Steam has been giving me nothing but head aches lately.
  2. Stukov81
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    It is a really amazing mod
  3. Maxxgold
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    Simply an amazing mod for Pathfinder: Kingmaker. I literally only purchased this game because of this mod. I still use RTwP for trash fights, but I use the turn-based mod for everything else. The mod author, Hsiynuhcan is constantly updating this mod with major updates, so check back often.