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Eldritch Arcana mod made by Elmindra. You can find it over at
- please give Elmindra your love and support!

This mod adds the Oracle class and many feats + spells to the game, as well as character traits!

Unity Mod Manager download -

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I really love this mod and appreciate all of Elmindra's work that was put into it! Gives Pathfinder Kingmaker much more flexibility and many more role playing elements.
I might do more mods of this sort, let me know. Any constructive criticism is appreciated. I filmed it pretty lazily, no script, and just used OBS. Also no video edits.


  1. Selvokaz
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    Call of the Wild mod kind of replaces this mod, and is constantly being updated. I highly recommend people seek that mod out. My only wish is that someone would 
    add some of the third party material from Dreamscarred Press, especially the Psionics or the Path of War splat material. I would honestly give some of my Biden money to whomever added all of the Path of War classes and material into the game as a mod.
  2. oxefer
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    Its amazing however I don't think rime matamagic spell is working tried it on elemental bloodline spells and a normal cold spell and nothing.
  3. Arctic12345
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    Tested the mod with the respect one ... and playing with tristan oracle ... also did a fire one for the varnhold lot .. and I have to say its amazing, The class works great, and for those who like sorcerer this is a great new toy.