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Eldritch Arcana mod made by Elmindra. You can find it over at
- please give Elmindra your love and support!

This mod adds the Oracle class and many feats + spells to the game, as well as character traits!

Unity Mod Manager download -

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I really love this mod and appreciate all of Elmindra's work that was put into it! Gives Pathfinder Kingmaker much more flexibility and many more role playing elements.
I might do more mods of this sort, let me know. Any constructive criticism is appreciated. I filmed it pretty lazily, no script, and just used OBS. Also no video edits.

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  1. oxefer
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    Its amazing however I don't think rime matamagic spell is working tried it on elemental bloodline spells and a normal cold spell and nothing.
  2. Arctic12345
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    Tested the mod with the respect one ... and playing with tristan oracle ... also did a fire one for the varnhold lot .. and I have to say its amazing, The class works great, and for those who like sorcerer this is a great new toy.