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A save game editor which can edit party inventory, shared stash, money, kingdom data, attributes, character name, level, attributes, skills, portrait, feats, spellbooks. Now works for Windows, Linux and Mac

Permissions and credits
Make sure you have a backup of your save file, always. Editing save game files may corrupt your save game rendering your save game unloadable.

Question: The editor opens a port around 8000, why does it do that?
Answer:  The editor is built upon Electron, a framework to build crossplatform apps. It enables you to write all the UI in html and css without having to build different UI for different operating systems. Technically it works by hosting a webbserver on a port around 8000 and running the app in a built in browser. The app will only connect to the same computer running the app on that port.

Major update with version 2.0.0
The editor from Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous and Warhammer 40000 Rogue Trader has been refined and now works with Pathfinder Kingmaker.
This means more options, and many bug fixes. Hopefully you'll find the UI much better as well.

Kingmaker does not have data files that are easy to access from game directory, therefor you can not set game directory for this game. For a better experience when selecting save files, do set the app data folder.

There are 4 files in this mod
  • Windows zipped setup file
  • Windows zip archive
  • Linux AppImage
  • OSX dmg

For Windows
  • Download the Windows zipped setup or zip archive
  • Unpack the zip file
  • Run the exe file you've unpacked

For Linux
To start of you need to unpack the app image, using e. g. 7-zip.
Then run the app image file.

For Mac OSX
To start of you need to unpack the dmg file, using e. g. 7-zip or any other unpacker that can unpack zip files.
Then run the dmg file.

The source code is available at Github:

The new editor uses the asset data mined via the following github project and I wouldn't be able to make the Kingmaker version this good without it.

The old editor enjoyed the community supplied lists below and it helped me greatly:

  • Added Shandra with portrait.