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Adding over 377 new high quality portraits to the game. Make your own hero and companions for the story that you want to roleplay. +56 GOT Bonus Pack

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New: Game of Thrones Bonus Pack

Currently 56 Game of Thrones portraits as an bonus pack with the end of GOT Season 8 and the start of the Pathfinder Kingmaker Enhanced Edition.

Heroes of Stolen Lands

I just made a collection of 377+ high quality portraits from various artist at deviantart that i follow, for my playtrough and roleplaying.
I also edited most pictures to get an overall similar style, but by no means is it possible to match the original art style all the time. I also tried to be lore friendly, but i also added some exotic portraits somewhat out of the pathfinder universe, just to give you more options. Since this is a huge collection you should manage the "Portraits" folder by your liking. Feel free to tell me what you don't like or what you are using.

Extract the zip file into the following path:
In Windows use the Hotkey: "Win+R" copy and paste:

%userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Owlcat Games\Pathfinder Kingmaker\Portraits

If you dont have a Portraits folder, just create one.

How to use
Use the little "custom portraits" icon under the offical portraits in the character creation.

Thats it, enjoy! Maybe i will update this later on, but you can do this by yourself!

Here is a guide:

This is the same collection, like the pinned collection in the official steam forum:
Heroes of Stolen Lands on Steam

Latest Update
Update 1.9 If you see anything new, time to update ;) Those are now included in the main zip file!

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Jackals Mod Loader has a built-in "Better Portrait Selection"

F: Is this working for hiring custom companions aswell and where can I hire custom companions?
A: Yes, you have to progress in the story a little bit until you reach Olegs Trading Outpost.

F: Is there a way to respec my characters and to also change portraits?
A: Yes, use this tool from Deevian. He gives Support on Steam. Or: Respecialization from newman55

F: The game keeps adding default portraits, whats going on?
A: Everytime you go to the custom portraits ingame, it creates an default folder with a random number. Everytime you click on the "+" icon at the
end of the navigation you create a new default folder.

F: There are so many Portraits im loosing the overview!
A: Try this or install XYplorerSupport or Irfanview.

F: I'm using Linux!
A: ~/.config/unity3d/Owlcat Games/Pathfinder Kingmaker/Portraits/