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Using edvin76's Custom NPC Portrait mod and Bing's DALL-E 3 AI, adds AI generated portraits to (nearly) every interactable NPC in the game who lacked portraits of their own.

Permissions and credits
Adds AI generated portraits to nearly ever NPC in the game. If a character already has a portrait (Companions, Advisors, Important NPCs like Nyrissa/Irovetti/Hargulka etc.) then they are NOT touched in any way, shape, or form. This mod is purely for NPCs who lacked portraits in the base game.

But why AI?

Thought Bing's AI is neat and it beats scouring google images for stuff.

Does this mod really cover everyone?

Nearly everyone; I may have missed a few, and I certainly didn't get all the NPCs from the "Renown Across Golarion" quest. Some NPCs have folders but don't seem to have moments where they actually talk. General rule was if I come across someone, I give them a face. Still might've missed some peasants or bandits or something.

Make sure you have Custom Companion and NPC portraits. Run the game, and check your Users\user\AppData\LocalLow\Owlcat Games\Pathfinder Kingmaker folder. Check for a folder called Portraits--All Additions. Install my mod, and allow all overwrites if there are any. Mod should take effect near immediately (if you're in dialogue with someone I edited, just select anything; portrait will change on the next dialogue option).

Known Errors:

Some character types (Bandits, Peasants, Barbarians, etc) assign the same picture to everyone, even if the character model is totally different. By the time I figured out how to assign pictures to specific bandits I was already past Vordakai.

Some of the Fulllength pictures suffer from stuff like misaligned bowstrings, or messed up hands. Did my best to hide it in medium/small pictures, which are the ones you'll actually be seeing in-game. 

Aecora Silverfire's face is fucked up. I'll be uploading a fix for this as soon as I can. 

Some of the Barbarians in the Armag chapter don't have portraits. Don't know why; even assigning portraits to the specific barbarians didn't work, and they didn't take the default Barbarian pic.


Big thanks to edvin76 for their Custom Companion and NPC Portraits mod, without which this whole thing wouldn't be possible.

Also shout out to Pathfinder Kingmaker Portrait Manager which was used to make all the portraits.