Pathfinder: Kingmaker
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Use rations by default when camping. Stop accidentally hunting!

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"Time to get some rest, isn't it?" 19 hours unexpectedly pass, and the barony is annihilated by giant spiders.

You've probably noticed that the toggle to use rations instead of hunting when you camp likes to reset itself to hunting whenever you reload the game, regardless of how many rations you have. That setting isn't stored in your savegame, and this mod doesn't try to fix that. Instead, it changes the default to be rations, which is probably what you wanted anyway. If you toggle over to hunting instead, that will stay set (at least for as long as rations did in the unmodded game).

This is a very simple change, albeit to some actual code instead of just a blueprint override. In any case, it should be compatible with all other mods.

Please report any issues here, or on GitHub.

Note: There are some strange display bugs in the unmodded game when enough rations aren't present for a rest and hunting is forced. Sometimes, the wrong information will be displayed in the resting banner, indicating that you'll rest for 9 hours instead of hunting. This mod does not attempt to fix those issues, but it also doesn't make them any worse.