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Make Joyful Rapture actually remove harmful emotion effects.

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´╗┐Joyful Rapture Fix
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Guess Who Got So Mad At The Wicked Chanter Fight That They Made A Mod

As you might have noticed, the Joyful Rapture spell does not, in fact, remove emotion effects. This is a simple mod to make the spell behave as described.

Any effects with the Negative Emotion descriptor will now be removed from allies within the effected area. The mod makes an extremely small change, and ought to be compatible with everything. Install it like anything else that uses Unity Mod Manager.

Feel free to report any issues here, or on GitHub. But remember! Ability Damage and Ability Drain are two different effects, and Joyful Rapture is only intended to effect the former!

Way Too Many Technical Details

Joyful Rapture
has two effects, as detailed in the in-game description:
Your inspired words overwhelm others with transcendental bliss. All allies within the area of effect are freed from any emotion effects. The
spell also cures 1d4 points of Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma damage to all allies in the area.
However, if you try to use it to remove the effects of, say, Overwhelming Presence, it will appear to do nothing. This is because the spell is coded to only remove effects matching the Petrified descriptor. Yes, that is the descriptor of the debuff you get when you are turned to stone. No, Joyful Rapture doesn't actually act like Stone to Flesh, which is coupled with a resurrection effect (unfortunately, because the idea of making a statue so happy that it comes to life is very funny).

Going by the description, it seems like Joyful Rapture ought to be mechanically similar to Unbreakable Heart. That spell suppresses effects matching the following descriptors: Fear, Shaken, Frightened, Confusion, and Petrified. Yes, Unbreakable Heart also tries to guard you against becoming so sad that you turn into a rock, but I'm not certain that it actually does.

This mod alters Joyful Rapture's effected descriptor list to match Unbreakable Heart's, minus the Confusion descriptor (since it's not an Emotion effect). It also adds the NegativeEmotion descriptor, which is required to actually remove the Overwhelming Presence effect. Unbreakable Heart is capable of suppressing the effects of Overwhelming Presence without this additional descriptor, presumably due to the different implementation of suppression versus dispelling. The Petrified descriptor has been left in place, just in case it's doing something I can't figure out.

Finally, a keen-eyed reader may have noticed that the spell description above says "freed from any emotion effects", not just negative effects. This is a difference between Kingmaker and the PnP rules, which state that allies are "freed from any harmful emotion effects". I believe this to be a transcription mistake, since it doesn't really make sense to me that a spell called Joyful Rapture would, for instance, cancel the effects from a spell called Good Hope. It could be argued that only removing negative effects makes Joyful Rapture too powerful, since it isn't subject to caster level checks like Dispel. As far as I can tell, however, the only spells that would be dispelled by Joyful Rapture but not suppressed by the level 1 Remove Fear are Crushing Despair, Forced Repentance, Overwhelming Grief, and Overwhelming Presence. Given how uncommon these effects are, and that Joyful Rapture is an instantaneous effect rather than a buff, this does seem right to me for a level 6-ish spell. Open to discussion, though!