Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Event Time Factor
Adjust the duration of kingdom events from 1 day to 100% (normal duration)

Project Time Factor
Adjust the duration of kingdom projects excluding projects that require player assistance from 1 day to 100% (normal duration)

Ruler Managed Project Time Factor
Adjust the duration of kingdom projects that require projects that require player assistance from 1 day to 100% (normal duration)

Event BP Price Factor
Adjust the BP price of kingdom projects and events from 0% (free) to 100% (full price)

Always Inside Kingdom
Allows the Kingdom Management screen to be accessed even while in unclaimed regions.

Disable End of Month Failed Events
Prevents automatically failing ignored events at the end of the month.

Enable Easy Events
Reduce the DC of kingdom events to -100. The results of an event are determined by the margin (the difference between the player roll after modifiers and the event DC). A margin of -7 or less is a GreatFailure, from -6 and -1 a Failure, from 0 to 6 a Success and 7 or greater is a GreatSuccess.

Disable Skip Player Time
Prevents the game from auto-advancing time the instant you start a project requiring player assistance (claim territory or advance an adviser/realm skill).

Enable Skip Day/Claim Region Everywhere
Enable the ability to claim regions and skip one day from the kingdom management screen while outside of a settlement.

Enable Ruler Procure Rations Everywhere (DLC Only)
Enables the player to use their special camping ability to procure rations even while outside of the player's territory or in a dungeon.

Disable Auto Assign Leaders
Prevents leaders from been automatically assigned a task at the start of the month.

Pause Kingdom Timeline
Prevents kingdom timeline events. kingdom events, kingdom projects, kingdom buffs, building settlements, artisans, BP gain from progressing. Does not effect timed quests, or other instances of game time. Works by increasing the kingdom founding day by one every day.

Enable Paused Kingdom Management
Allows kingdom tasks, kingdom events, kingdom projects, artisans, kingdom buffs, building settlements, artisans, weekly BP gain to progress normally while preventing kingdom timeline events from starting.

Enable Paused Random Events
Every month, a set of random kingdom events are schedules to begin at random intervals across the month.Enable Paused Random Events allows these random events to occur while the kingdom timeline is paused.

Preview Event Results
Shows the final stat gains associated with an event. Event results are based on the leader type and leader alignment selected.
The Best Result preview only takes into account stat gains and not BP bonuses (One time or recurring) because i'm not sure how to quantify BP bonuses in terms of stat bonuses. If there are two best results, it will only show 1 It is highlighted green if the best leader is selected and grey otherwise.
There are also action triggers associated with event results that couldn't fit in the interface.

Preview Dialog Results
Preview actions that will trigger as a result of a dialog choice below the option. 

Preview Alignment Restricted Dialog
Preview dialog options text that are normally hidden by "Specific alignment required" message.

Preview Random Encounters
Shows Random Encounter name, type and challenge rating in the random encounter popup on the global map.

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  1. 1GrayFox1
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    Is this outdated? Because I'm not seeing the time factor options in the games mod menu at all. Rank up projects still take 14 days...
    EDIT: nevermind, I finally figured it out that its sliders not checkboxes like the screenshots.