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This mod makes Alpha bosses more powerful compared to their regular counterparts.

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Ever wonder why the Alpha pals suck? They have pretty much the same stats as their regular counterparts, they have a massive hitbox disadvantage, they can't fit inside caves and get stuck when deployed in the base? So what's their redeeming quality? IV's that are at least 50 in every stat, that's it. The only exception to this is the legendary alpha pals. Alpha Jetragon and  Alpha Frostallion have 3x the HP stat of their regular counterpart, and Paladius and Necromus have 2x the HP stat of their regular counterpart.

This mod aims to give the non legendary alpha pals the same treatment as the legendary alpha pals. Every single alpha pal now has double the HP stat of their regular counterparts! Note that because they have increased HP, not only will they be great for combat when you catch them, but they'll prove a harder challenge to fight so be prepared!

Q. You said that the HP stat is doubled, but the HP shown in game and in your photo isn't. Why?
A. The HP stat is doubled, but not the Raw HP. The HP stat is only responsible for the HP gain of pals for every level up, but every pal has the same Base HP at level 0.
Q. The Alpha pals I have did not get increased HP!
A. You need to level them up at least once for HP to update.

This mod is incompatible with anything that touches DT_PalMonsterParameter.uasset

Extract and place the .pak file in Palworld\Pal\Content\Paks