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Reopen the character creation screen

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Please backup your saves before using this mod!

Only tested locally on steam version 0.1.3, the server and game pass situation may be more complicated, please use with caution!
Did some tests and I can confirm it does NOT work on multiplayer server.

This is a UE4SS mod, so install UE4SS just like all other Palworld mod on this website before using it. 

After installing the mod, FIRST, backup your save.

In game, Use CTRL+K in-game to bring up the character creation screen. Please do not open this screen in strange places. I don't know what's going to happen.

Then you can play around with your character, changing its size, skin color, and so on, just like the game beginning. Clicking Start Game will take you to the loading screen. At this point you've actually managed to change your character's settings and get back into the game, but so far I haven't found a way to close the loading screen.

So all you have to do is wait and wait for the auto-save mark to appear, and when it appears in the top right corner, you've succeeded.
At that point, just force quit the game, reopen it, and you'll see that your character has changed.

When you're happy with your character, delete this mod to prevent accidentally entering the interface while playing.

This mod will NOT get any other maintenance, as the official promise is to provide the feature in a later version. So just a chance for those who can't wait. Considering how easy it is to open this interface, I don't think it should take too long to wait, and that would be safer than this mod.
If you find a way to make the loading disappear please be sure to let me know, you can modify and upload this mod as much as you want because the core of it is really just one line PalUtility:GetPalGameInstance(PlayerController):ShowCharacterMakeScreen()