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This is a redone system of ctaphak Random Items Mod which adds more variety to your loot.

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Big Shutout  to SCORPICATOR 
who reached out to qqwwqqww10 
to fix the last version of this mod to a working condition. please send your appraise their way...

This is a redone system of ctaphak Random Items Mod (Big appreciation for his hard work and dedication) which adds more variety to your loot and a chance for more loot to spawn from 1 - 5 extra items.

Thanks to his hard work and permission I have gone ahead and taken his test system and attempted to balance things out while adding more variety to your loot. I am pretty sure this is not compatible with the original mod and the original is not required.

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 1 known issue shields have things added to them but they dont show up  sometimes only by equipping it that you can you notice  a difference...

Although outward is strange in how it handles this ill try to explain this to the best of my abilities...
The "Tier" System  Effect ....this is something that is not as it seem and I actually want to create one but the way it works there are several values which are randomized now so no two loot even if the same item should never be the same.
Most values do not go above and addition or subtraction of 50% base values or in some cases +20 damage of sometype

It works like this say your stats overall will be modified or some can be added each one of these thing has it own random feature for each. So simply you can get a common weight number  with a rare weight and a legendary damage number etc (yeah its wierd...) SO more like I can categorize an item but the positive effects vs the negative. 

So for most cases it looks like this:

    5 Tiers Pools

Commons Effect Chances 40% 
The changes with this tier are your  minimal above average - below average items - so very meh items think of them as the run down items

Uncommons Effect Chances 30% 
Slightly rarer majority these changes  avg - slightly above average+ - You will see it and be that ok i can live with that

Rare Effect Chances 15% 
Rare (Rare)....erghmm...The changes of this mostly include weak positive effects above avg++ - this is the Not bad i like it

Epics Effect Chances 10% 
Effects are nothing but positive to a good degree - Nice this will last me a bit 

Legendary Effect Chances 5% 
Item Effect are ....Dayum SON WHERE YOU FIND DIS?!

Effect Include Based off Rarity 
-Base Values modifier
-Base Resistance modifier
-Base weight modifier
-Base stamina modfier
-Just assume all bases modifier
-Add/Subtract damage types
-Add/Subtract stamina reduction or usage
-Add/Subtract resistances
-Add/Subtract attack Speed
-Add/Subtract pouch space
-Add/Subtract movement
-And more