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Adds an immersive and humorous cheat menu by talking with the fairy that is stuck with you eternally.
(Also made a few tweaks to the other dialogue options but who cares?)

Permissions and credits
Want to cheat your way into oblivion, the top of the leader boards, beat the ultimate demon lord or the dragon? Well, this mod is for YOU!
You can talk with the beautiful and ditzy fairy Iris all you want, ask her to do many things for you, including:

  • Helping you appraise equipment:
She (without asking your opinion) decides to do it the moment you ask her the magic phase that this mod introduces: Can you cheese the game?

  • Fill your life, stamina and energy:
And (by some weird way) accesses the goddess' powers and automatically regenerates your health.

  • Repairs your equipment:
Shield included. She also makes a jab at the scroll of jerryrigging and... naught. Yeah... naught.

  • Can teleport you out of danger:
Note that she loses her cool and her sense of direction along with it...

  • Allows you to save the game:
By some weird way again, accessing the goddess' powers (though they are not related)

  • Gives you more awakening:
By lending you her own 5 awakenings. She is such a sweetheart.

  • Makes you the richest man alive:
By accidentally giving you enough money to buy just about anything you wanted, even though even that much doesn't satisfy Albert.

  • Increases a base stat of your choosing:
And humorously reacts to the changes and quips about certain usefulness and uselessness of the others.

  • Levels you up quite a bit:
Be wary of using this option though, she IS liable to get carried away and add a lot more than necessary...

  • Overpowers you from the start:
Although she might not be keen on the idea of breaking the game's balance and difficulty... Iris did, in the end, decide against it.

  • Gives you items you might need:
With a ton of quips, reactions and references to the game, it's characters and the game itself making an appearance.

  • Teaches you skills you may need:
With fun little tutorials and methods she came up with from the top of her head, and a cute little funny story involving her favorite juice.

  • Teaches you spells to cast!
Again, with fun little ways of teaching you how to cast, from baiting you with money to basically just telling you exactly what it does.

Beware that Iris is still a little fairy, and overworking fairies is prohibited under King Victor's jurisdiction (rules unknown in the beast people's country).
But luckily, she can regenerate her energy to slave for your amusement even more! What a hard working little fairy!
She will be able to do you a few favors to give you an edge on the world, not make you a pseudo-God.

The serious talk begins here, though:

To install this mod (and cheese your way to oblivion)
  • Extract the archive to <common\One Way Heroics\DataPLUS> (yes, this is a OWH+ mod)
  • And make sure to delete, move or change the file extension of the file <Event.wolf>. I recommend changing the extension.

The mod files is basically the Event.wolf archive extracted with Iris' file, fairy_skilltalk_new.txt the only one edited, based on u/tsanth's mod, 3 years ago.