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This mod adds over 290 new and unique spell types. It adds beam, spray and projectile attacks. Turn bodies to gold, summon your own magic carpet, or dwemer transformer, or protect yourself with a ring of fire.

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Midas Magic

Spells of Aurum

This mod adds over 300 new and unique spell types. It adds beam, spray and projectile attacks. Turn bodies to gold, summon your own magic carpet, or dwemer transformer, or protect yourself with a ring of fire. This mod has several goals...

- Extend the Magic system of Oblivion without disturbing the current spell system
- Maintain the balance of the combat system
- Add a completely different way to obtain these spells from the normal system
- Add exciting quests and new worlds that make obtaining these spells fun

Midas Magic Official Trailer

To obtain these spells talk to the Vendor Midas. His shop is located to the Right as you enter the Arcane University Court Yard. Before you enter the University itself.

WARNING: There is a special way you get these spells so make sure you listen to the shop keep and read his book, and check the FAQ if you need any tips.
IMPORTANT: Midas Magic requires the Oblivion 1.2 Patch

Add Ons
Note:These mods are supported by their respective Authors
Midas Magic for OOO by rylasasin
Mighty Magick for Midas Magic by Offkorn
Frostcrag Midas Lab by Jetamo

The Spells

Absorption Stream - Cast a ranged stream of energy to absorb your opponent's health.

Acid Arrow - Conjure a magical arrow to skewer your opponents.

Arcane Burst - A magical explosion centered on the caster sends your opponents flying.

Astral Mark/Recall - Use Astral Gates to travel through space and time.

Astral Combat - Lock Horns with your foe "mano a mano" on the astral plane.

Midas' Berzerk - Buff your strength and knock your foes throught the air with your weapon or fists.

Breath of Fire (1) - The Caster breathes flames for the duration of the spell.

Chain Lightning - A bolt of shock damage on the target and has a chance to jump to other nearby targets.

Bound Weapons - Conjure elemental Weapons, the Blaze Saber, the Frost Fang or the Volt Edge

Midas' Chest - Summons an other-worldly storage apparatus. Ever so handy for the burdened adventurer.

Column of Fire (1) - A powerful burst of flame descends from the heavens to engulf your opponents.

Comet (1 2) - Hurls a Mighty Comet down from the sky on your target.

Death Ray - A beam of dark energy that damages the vicim's health and traps the soul.

Detection Mastery - Lets you detect friend from foe and see items and containers.

Entangle - Midas' Entangle is a ranged attack that summons entangling vines to restrain your foe.

Fire Burst - An Explosion of flame sends your opponents flying through the air.

Force Ball - A projectile attack that explodes in a blast of pure magical force.

Force Burst - A wave of magical force outward from the casters position.

Force Push - An impenetrable wave of force knocks foes out of your way.

Freeze Ray A beam of concentrated frost energy freezes opponents solid.

Glaive - Hurls a disk of spinning blades at your opponents.

Hail Storm - A mighty barrage of hail pelts your opponents to death.

Heat Beam (1) - A beam of fire magic burns targets. Even through walls.

Holy Burst (1) - A field of holy magic damages undead and heals allies.

Holy Ray (1) - An instant hit beam which causes divine damage to undead and restores health on non-evil targets.

Holy Judgment - The Ultimate Holy Spell, a powerful beam of Light from the Heavens destroys all undead in sight.

Ice Burst (1) - A blast of ice eminates from the caster, freezing your opponents.

Ice Walk (1 2) - Ccreates a magical walkway of ice beneath the caster.

Lightning Bolt (1 2 3) - An instant hit beam of shock energy.

Lightning Storm - An incredibly destructive barrage of lightning bolts descend on all enemies in sight.

Magic Missiles - Casts 3 small projectiles of pure magic at the target.

Magic Seeker - This casts as an intelligent magical projectile to seek out your target. There are Ice & Fire Versions as well.

Magma Ball - This projectile will ricochet off the environment until it impacts a target.

Mechanical Mine - Creates an exploding robotic spider to blow off your enemies knee caps.

Meteor - Casts a powerful meteor from the casters fingertips, causing physical impact and fire damage to unlucky foes.

Meteor Storm (1) - Calls an incredibly destructive hail of meteors from the sky.

Missile Shield - Surrounds the caster with a translucent magical shield that blocks all arrow and projectile attacks.

Missile Storm - A barrage of magical projectiles fall on the targeted area.

Nova Burst - Creates a vortex of flame above the caster that rains down fireballs on enemies.

Nuclear Blast - Drops an atomic explosion on the target area. BIG BOOM!

Oblivion Portal - Summons a Portal to one of the worlds of Oblivion.

Pebble Blast - Cast a shower of magical heated stones at your opponents.

Plasma Shards - Launch high velocity projectiles that pass through walls.

Prism Spray - Five streams of magic from the caster's fingertips, each carrying a different effect.

Polymorph Weretiger - Transform yourself into a vicious Weretiger.

Polymorph Wolf -

Poison Cloud - This cloud moves slowly in front of the caster. Inflicting fatal poison damage to all that fail to resist.

Rose of Kindness - Midas' Rose of Kindness cast a magical flower as a projectile towards a target. Enemies are calmed by it. Friends are charmed by it. And assailing guards are just confused and walk away.

Ring of Fire - Surrounds the caster with a defensive ring of fire.

Midas' Sharing - Allows the caster to exchange inventory with friendly characters.

Slime Ball - Slow your enemies with a coat of thick, viscous slime.

Snow Ball - This projectile will ricochet off the environment until it impacts a target and detonates in a ball of frost damage.

Sparks - Casts a erratic barrage of electrical sparks at the target.

Spirit Hammer - Conjures a Holy Hammer to beat back the undead.

Spirit Warrior - Creates and ethereal duplicate of the caster.

Stone Storm (1) - Summons a vortex of stones centered on the caster to pummel the living daylights out of your enemies.

Stun Gas - A gas cloud that damages targets fatigue and has a chance of rendering them unconscious.

Midas' Summon - Summons an avatar of Midas himself. Although he will not engage in combat, you may barter with him while you are in the field. One of his more valuable characteristics is that he carries a supply of repair hammers and lock picks.

Summon Carpet - Midas' Summon Carpet calls to you a magic carpet that allows you to travel Tamriel at blazing speeds. The carpet now flys! Toggle run/walk to activate flying.

Summon Jelly - Manifests a very aggressive, amorphic blob of goo to fight by your side. Now in 5 fruity flavors!

Thunder Cloud - A small but potent lightning storm that moves slowly in front of the caster. Anyone caught in it's wake will be struck by a bolt of shock damage.

Tornado - A whirlwind of force precedes the caster inflicting force and shock damage to all in its path.

Midas Touch - Midas Touch imbues the living target with 50 points of fire and normal weapons resistance. When cast on a corpse, it will turn the corpse into gold. In moments, the corpse deteriorates into a cascade of coins.

Tractor Beam - Bring Items or enemies in for a closer look.

Ultima - An explosive area effect healing spell on the target.

Vortex - Creates a magical vacuum that drags your targets into it.

Wabbabeam - Transfer the obscure powers of the legendary Wabbajack staff to a magical beam.

Wings of an Angel - Sprout wings to fly over Tamriel.

Midas Water Globe (1) - Imprisons your Target in a Ball of Water.

PLUS! Many More, including...
Midas Geysers
Midas Holy Flare
Midas Shock Burst
Midas Prism Missiles
Midas Rock Toss
Midas Purify
Midas Summon Lava Blob
Midas Acid Cloud
Midas Smoke Screen

Even More spells can be found in the "Midas Magic for Dimmies" Handbook!

Summonable Creatures
Astral Stag (1)
Balrog (1 2 3 4 5)
Centurion Prime Centurion, motorcycle and boat all in one.
Coin Seeker
Ebony Atronach
Enchanted Ebony Claymore
Enchanted EbonyBlade
Enchanted GoldBrand
Fire Sprite (1)
Holy Sprite
Melon Atronach
Pumpkin Atronach
Cheese Atronach :)
White Tiger (1)

Other Stuff

Aurum Assimulator

I've added the Aurum Assimulator in version 0.810. It lets you convert jewelry into it raw components and get the gold and other metals out. It will also let you recombine Gems into more valuable Gems or break them down. Hopefully this will help make up for the severe lack of gold nuggets :)


Midas Spells (Jelly, Heat Beam, Lightning Bolt)

Midas Summon Carpet (original)

Midas Summon Carpet (extra crispy)

Midas Force Ball

Force Push

Midas Prism Spray

Midas Thunder Cloud

Midas Magic Missiles

Midas Fire Ring

Midas Magma Ball

Midas Stone Storm

Midas Holy Spells

White Tiger Mounted Combat

Original Centurion Video

Instructional Video on Spell Making

Pretty cool Montage by Amandeep1

Unzip in your Oblivion Data Directory and add the mod. Make sure you are running Oblivion 1.2 or higher.

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Version 0.995 Patch A 3-05-2010
- :NOTE: This patch requires Midas Spells 0.995
- Fix for CTD on entering Fire Astral World

Version 0.995 02/21/2010
- Adds 10 New Spells Including Destruction'End, Dark Nebula, Missile Rain and Stasis Field
- Adds New Astral World of Darkness
- You can now Join the Frat House and start their quest

Version 0.992 01/04/2010
- Adds 5 New Spells Pheonix, Force Charge, Blood Fountain, Starfall & Earth to Mud
- Adds New Astral World of Light

Version 0.991A 07/18/2009
- Fix CTD issue with Weretiger Quest
- Placeholder for Frat House Quest (not finished)

Version 0.991 07-04-2009
- Minor update with various bug fixes
- Adds 5 New spells including Death Grasp, Guided Missile & Water Burst
- Major Visuals overhaul for Nuclear Blast & Comet

Version 0.990 04-19-2009
- 25 New Spells including Tsunami, Inferno, Spike Growth & Ghost Swarm
- 1 New Astral World (Air)
- Fix to Summon Scripts to avoid "Too Many Summons" bug
- Added "Costume Closet" in Midas Bedroom to allow you to try on some of the FX

Version 0.980 01-31-2009
- 19 New Spells including Volcano, Biohazard, Eruption & Cyclone
- 2 New Astral Worlds (Sand & Water)
- BSA File Format for easier install

Version 0.970 Patch A 8-29-2008 (Install over 0.970)
- Recipe Fix for Polymorph Eagle
- Updates for Essence Transmogrifier

Version 0.970 08-24-2008
- 14 New Spells including Avalanche, Fireworks, Polymorph Eagle
- 5 New summons including Iron Golem
- 1 New Mechanical Astral World

Version 0.961
- 16 New Spells including Utterdark Burst, Ring of Blades & Anti-Magic Field
- Added the Essense Transmogrifier to randomly transform Sigil Essences
- Fixes to the Summoning system (to avoid the "Too Many Summons" error)

Version 0.960
Trailer for 0.960
- Added Access to 8th world (Necropothea) world of Necromancy
- Recipe Fix for Magic Flare
- .nif Fix for Midas Geyser

Version 0.960 Alpha
*** Experienced Users Only ***
- 54 New spells
- 7 New worlds accessible through a functioning Stargate (in Midas' Basement).
- 2 New quests with voice acted custom races.
- 16 new summonable creatures.
- 7 New spell books (earned via Quest) focused on Mage Classes,
-- Pyromancers, Cryomancers, Electromancers, Geomancers, Paladin/Cleric/Monk, Ranger/Druids, Necromancers
- So many fixes I cant remember.

Version 0.956a
- Fixes recipe for Vortex Spell

Version 0.956 01-27-2008
- Adds 8 new spells. Including Nuclear Blast, Ultima, Vortex & Sound burst
- Fixes
-- Improvements for Mega Fireball, Light Arrow, Plasma Ball & Midas Touch
-- Berzerk
-- Various Others

Version 0.955 Patch A
- Fixes Recipe problems with Explosive Arrow, Chain Fireball & Absorption

Version 0.955 12-16-2007
- Adds 10 new spells. Including Chain Fireball, 4 "Stream" Attacks, 3 Trap Spells, and Fully Functional Wings
- Fixes
-- Recipe Problems with Arcane Burst & WildFire
-- Berzerk
-- Various Others

Version 0.950 12-9-2007 Patch A
- Install over 0.950 (you need both files)
- Adds Important files I forgot to Include in 0.950
- Needed for the Undead Quest

Version 0.950 12-7-2007
Major Release!
- Adds 30 New Spells including Missile Storm, Mechanical Mine, Arcane Burst, Spell Shield & Wildfire
- Adds a quest to war against an undead army to earn 9 powerful spells

Version 0.941 10-18-2007
- Added an Active Mine that produces Gold
- Many Bug Fixes

Version 0.940 Patch B 10-1-2007
- Fixes Astral Plane Bug in 0940
- Includes some Missing Files for 0940
- Apply over 0.940 or 0.940a

Version 0.940 A or PatchA 9-30-2007
- Includes some Missing Files for 0940
- Either Get 0940A or Apply 0940 Patch A to 0940

Version 0.940 9-30-2007
- Expansion of the Astral Plane BUG FIX in Patch B
-- Adds 9 new worlds in the Astral Plane
-- 4 new Creatures each with Midas Spells
-- A Quest in the Astral plane for the Ultimate Holy Spell
- Adds 10 other Spells like Bind Blaze Saber, Force Shield, Igloo, Transmute
- Various fixes & Improvements

Version 0.931 8-26-2007
- Adds 3 New Holy Spells, Spirit Warrior, Spirit Hammer and Holy Flare
- Incorporated Improvements to the Balrog Sword and fixes for the Oblivion Portal Spell

Version 0.930 8-14-2007
- Adds 11 New Spells like Oblivion Portal, Shock Burst, Water Globe, Purify
- Adds a Quest for the Prime Morpholith in which you Battle a Balrog!

Version 0.920 Patch B 7-21-2007
- :NOTE: This patch requires Midas Spells 0.920 Replaces A, you don't need both
- Fixed Recipe for Comet in Aurum Incantatem

Version 0.920 Patch A 7-21-2007
- :NOTE: This patch requires Midas Spells 0.920
- Added Spell Midas Crushing Stones
- Improved Tornado Spell Hit rate
- Fixes to Column of Fire Recipe
- Sound fixes to Column of Fire, Lightning Storm & Comet
- Summons now Dissapear when killed as supposed to

Version 0.920 7-17-2007
- Added 15 New powerful spells like Column of Fire, Lightning Storm, Tornado & Comet
- New Beholden Creatures with a unique challenge to kill the Hive Mother
- Added the new "Sigil Essence" ingredients distilled from Sigil Stones
- Tons of fixes and balances and ingredient changes

Version 0.910 6-3-2007
- Added Flight to the Magic Carpet
- Added animated jellies with 5 varieties.
- Added new spells like Magic Seeker & Ice Walk
- Minor Fixes
-- Modifications to the astral mark/recall to work with SI
-- Increased Caster level requirements for summons & Rose of Kindness
-- and more...

Version 0.900 5-20-2007
- Added Centurion Prime Tranformer
- Minor Fixes
-- Changes to Summons Script to stop Fast Traveling Problem
-- Adjustments to Reactor to remove items correctly

Version 0.890 5-6-2007
- Adds 2 New Spells Breath of Fire & Fire Burst
- Adds multiple levels to Heat Beam, Lightning Bolt & Chain Lightning
- Gave the White Tiger a force attack while being riden
- Fixes to avoid problems with Autosave
- General Spell Rebalancing

Version 0.880 4-29-2007
- Adds 9 New Spells including Tractor Beam, Astral Combat, and White Tiger
- Fixed Prism Spray Creation Bug
- General bug fixes and cleanup

Version 0.870 4-22-2007
- Adds 5 New Spells including Ice Burst, Mark/Recall, and Berzerk
- Fixes reliablity issues with Force Ball & Stone Storm

Version 0.860 4-15-2007
- Added 5 New spells including Meteor, Meteor Storm & Chain Lightning.

- Fixes
-- Thunder Cloud now angers victims
-- Wall penetration spells no longer work in Arena
-- Death Ray now creates Soulgems
-- Slimeball texture and code updates
-- Sparks spell fixed & updated

Version 0.850 4-7-2007
- 7 New Spells (WabbaBeam, Force Blast, Holy Blast)
- Including 4 Unique Summonable Creatures
- Fixed unreliablity in Missile Shield

Version 0.821 3-26-2007
- Added 4 New spells including the Forceball :)
- Made this mode "auto-compatible" with Arcane University 300
- Made Multiple Levels of Plasma Shard and Fire Ring Spells
- Various Bug Fixes

Version 0.810 3-22-2007
- Added Aurum Assimilator

Version 0.800 3-18-2007
---Another Major Release
- Added 3 New Spells (Freeze Ray, Pebble Blast, & Stone Storm)
- Improved Fireball & Snowball range & accuracy
- Improved accuracy of all Beam Spells
- Improved Range on Plasma Shards
- Fixes
-- Fixed Hole in Missle Shield
-- Attempt to fix conflict with Harvest[Containers].esp

Version 0.757
- Major Rewrite of Most Spells
-- Removed "Placeatme" and referenced arrays of persistent actors instead
-- Should cut avoid Save Game bloat from Null Refs
-- Fat Free
- Improved Range and accuracy of MagmaBall, SnowBall & Sparks
- Can Fire projectile spells while using Missile Shield

Version 0.756
- Removed Debug Hack

Version 0.755
- The Ohm Quat Ohm Frat House is open for business
- Better model for the Aurum Reactor
- Improved collision chance of Magma Ball and Fire Ball
- Aesthetic Changes

* * * ATTENTION * * *
If you're having problems (spells not working). Make sure you have upgraded to oblivion version 1.2. Spells like Force spells, berzerk, & summons won't work without it. Also, the shop itself may not appear. If you are posting here concerning one of these issues, please indicate that you are running 1.2 or higher. If you are experiencing problems, having trouble creating a spell or finding an ingredient. Read the FAQ before posting here. It could save you a lot of time.