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Multiple Enchantments V4.7
By Oss133
Now without Leeroy Jenkins or any need for other mods.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
The Oblivion Script Extender v0014 or higher

Multiple Enchantments:
This was born out of my frustration at the existence of some awesome kit within the game but a complete inability to make it myself, even by the end of the main quest. The vanilla game doesn't allow for it but the OBSE has "Phenomenal Cosmic Power!" and its creation marks the difference between a modder and a coder. All hail OBSE.
The normal Enchanting Alters do not allow you to add enchantments to items that are already enchanted. When you activate an Enchanting Alter, only the unenchanted items are available in the items menu. Thanks to the extra coding power of OBSE it is possible to remove the existing enchantments, thus allowing the item to appear in the list, and then to reapply them afterwards. So, if you already have a sword with a Damage Health spell on it you can't add anything to it at an Enchanting Alter but at the Forge you can add, say, a Soul Trap spell to it.
So, once you have the necessary equipment and have found the right location you will be able to create some truly awesome kit that guarantees your status as a demigod; particularly as apparel can now be given multiple effects as well. Weapons are also given a boost as the souls you add are cumulative. This is all thanks to OBSE which added the necessary functionality.
If you want to try out the functionality for yourself before going through the quest to earn it, press the S M and E together to access the menu and click on the Test option. This stands for Setup Multiple Enchantments. This will make a save of you game so that you may return to it later and then will put you in the right location and give you all the necessary equipment to test it. Please note, however, that this may act as a bit of a spoiler so be warned.

From V4.7 onwards there are two versions of this mod. One is the normal version, the other works with Cobl. For the Cobl version to work you must have "Cobl Main.esm" installed. You can find out more about Cobl at http://wrye.ufrealms.net/Cobl.html.
They are both called "Multiple Enchantments.esp" so that they are fully interchangeable. ONLY INSTALL ONE OF THEM.
Copy one of the "Multiple Enchantments.esp" files to your oblivion\data directory.
If you are using the Cobl version, make sure that "Cobl Main.esm" is installed otherwise your game will not run.
Run Oblivion Launcher.
Select Data Files.
Click a cross in the box next to Multiple Enchantments.esp.
If you aren't running OBSE v0014 or higher this mod will not work.

If you are using a version from V4.0 onwards all you need to do is replace that one with the latest version.
If you are using a version prior to V4.0 then it will be necessary to uninstall that first. If you had the Lucius or Leeroy companion, remove anything from him you wish to keep and save your game. Now de-activate the old mod. Load up and save you game again and this time Lucius or Leeroy will not be part of your game. You can now start the new mod, this time using the new, shiny, Multiple Enchantments.

Finding The Forge:
Don't try and look for it. Keep an eye open for the Hammer of the Master Smith. You will find it on an adventurer's corpse.

Using the Forge:
Once you have found the Forge you will want to get started making all those fabulous items you always wanted but couldn't make before. The instructions for using the forge are in the forge itself. To get them, Use the big round Alter that the Anvil is standing on. This will open the instruction book.

Future Development:
It is my intention to extend this as far as I can and to accommodate any ideas you may have that I think are reasonable and achievable. Ideas so Far;
1) Same effects should be merged. Currently you can add a Damage Health and then another Damage Health effect and they are shown and counted as two separate effects. This is only going to be possible at a very high skill level now.
2) The power of the enchantments on any given item should be limited in some way depending on the quality of that item. Not sure yet how to achieve this but it should be possible by looking at the base attributes of the item.

The contributors to the forum and the wiki. The excellent work by Ian Patterson (ianpatt), Stephen Abel (behippo) on OBSE without which Multiple Enchantments would not be possible. I also need to thank Mercer Meka and Blazie151 for their invaluable help with debugging and wmj, Thraxonas, Laskoff, Dark_Wolf, BotMan and, again, Mercer Meka for balancing and feature ideas and addsim for pointing out that I need to explain myself more.

Change Log:
Initial release as Leeroy Jenkins.
added a system for multiple enchantment effects and a special location for that to happen.
Added functionality to make Leeroy-related stuff optional.
Added functionality to allow Multiple Enchantment testing possible without doing the quest.
Added a "Loot Near Me" option to the Lucius Dialog box.
Squashed some bugs that meant Lucius would still follow you when you told him to stay or guard.
Added the missing chicken textures (D'OH!)
Squashed a bug that only occurred in test mode
Attempted to squash the "doubling" bug that I don't get.
Second attempt to squash the "doubling" bug that I still don't get.
Made it impossible to put the Hammer of the Master Smith into the Forge Chest.
Removed all the Leeroy Jenkins Stuff.
Added a whole new quest to find the Forge of the Master Smith and moved it from its previous location.
Stopped it being possible to use the Hammer during combat.
Fixed a bug that stopped additional effects being kept on already enchanted items after a save and reload.
Fixed another bug that stopped apparel being enchanted at all.
Put a cap of 5 effects on items. It has been reported that too many effects stop any of them working.
Changed the cap of effects to 6.
Added a skill level requirement. Either Armourer or Mysticism (whichever is greater) now controls the number of enchantments that can be placed on an item.
Made it possible to do normal enchanting anywhere once you have the Hammer and a high enough Mysticism skill.
Repairing using the Hammer can now only be done if you have a high enough Armourer skill.
Added a setup menu so that repairing, enchanting anywhere and the Hammer Abilities are all optional.
Corrected the Forge Instructions with regard to merging/removing enchantments.
Two spells added purely for debug purposes now get removed when you exit debug mode.
Messages added to debug the Hammer Repairing now only appear in debug mode.
The "losing normal repair hammers" bug is now fixed.
The "Grey Mage" topic is now set to disappear after is it is no longer needed.
The Hunter no longer hunts you forever. Only until you become the Master Smith.
Improved the behaviour of the Master Smith.
Changed the beginning of the quest. It is now balanced better.
Added more people to the topic. Making one easier to find.
Changed the Menu activation keys to S M and E.
Made the Master Smith stronger.
Removed the swing blade trap.
Fixed a bug where enchanted items were recharged above their maximum.
Changed the coding for the Varla Stone holder to make it more efficient and fix a bug.
Improved the Remove Enchantment menu.
Added the option to use a lesser power instead of the S M E keys to access the setup menu.
Added the option to start the quest immediately with a marker instead of waiting.
Added some new functionality to make the creatures at the forge less of a problem as your skill increases.
Added a version of the mod that works with "Cobl Main.Esm" for accessing the setup menu.