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  1. anonimousone
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    Incompatibility between this mod and brotherhood renewed by Arthmoor:

    I've also found that Vaults of Cyrodiil changes a cell in the Chorrol dungeon making a door float in space far away from the room it should be at, making it impossible to get to the small "treasure room" to get the object needed to complete this quest.
  2. XenoAlbedo
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    Nevermind my original post here. I had the wrong book.
  3. LucianSouders
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    Okay listen, the AI perception is like 255 and no matter what you can't stealth, plus they're also super strong so how are you actually even supposed to fight them without 2000 potions? Most of the gold is just like 200 in each Market Vault, honestly I haven't played enough to know if the castle vaults are any better then these stupid things- and seriously most of the items are ridiculous and not worth grabbing. What's the point of this stupid mod, when I can't even take it serious one bit, because everything that happens makes me feel like the entirety of it is satirical, and the mod sucks to all of OBLIVION? I seriously think SOMEONE should go ahead and fix this stupid mod in the construction set because of JUST how broken it is!
    Now, in all fairness I know I might be sounding just a bit harsh about this, but I seriously can't deal with this mod, because of how much I can't take it serious! It's just so ridiculous and broken, most of the time I want to try this it's all about the thieving. It's got hidden keys all throughout these areas, it's seriously cool- but no one has even bothered to try and patch it and make it less finicky. Now, I know, since I'm the one being all up and about towards this, I could do it myself, but I would have to look at things to do that, and I'm not going to upload that even if I do, for the main reason of being, I don't want to ever upload anything here. Even if I were to ever make anything interesting, EVER!
    Okay, so, could someone just, please, make a patch for this? So it's not absolutely ridiculous to have to mess with, especially as a thief! Plus that, there's just a ton of lights in the hallways, there shouldn't be that many torches! It's pretty easy to fix, with the things I know for certain are a bit messy, and again I should check the castle vaults, but I personally think there'll still be the same mess with the NPC's. As to the worth of robbing it, I'm sure it's way better than the market, but it still agitates me immensely! It's been 10-ish years, and to this day, this mod is surprisingly just borked.
    - An agitated player.
    Thanks for reading this, and please someone just make a popular fix for this.
    P.S. I am aware, some of this isn't the mods fault, however I believe it's still fixable, if you were to change those guards to not be CITY GUARD types.
    1. kallekukhuve
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  4. rrhovann
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    Screenshots for the Lewawyiin Argonian Hideout entrance here.
    Head right from the northeast gate until you come to a tree and rock sticking out over the water. The hideout is underneath the sacred lotus in that area, between some rocks.
  5. Aikospacerogue
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    Very fun mod, works well with Better Cities and IC Enhanced too !

    Just wish there was a fake cuirass of the Imperial guard kind.
  6. DarkPhoenix92
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    Just out of curiosity, is there any particular reason why there isn't (as far as I know) a vault under the Imperial Palace?
    1. Doyledeth
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      Because it's under the Imperial City market.
  7. Murielkai
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    Where is the Argonian Stronghold entrance near Leyawiin? I have searched forever and concluded that it either doesn't exist or you are in need a better description in the "spoilers" readme. It says follow the wall until you reach a nirn root but which way do you follow the wall? And there are 3-4 nirn roots along the wall outside of Leyawiin... I want the last 5 hours of my life back.
    1. ArtyomXZ
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      Yea, seriously.
  8. Wylight
    • member
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    I was quite excited to try this out, until I realized it's merely an ESP that practically adds nothing new to the game. Every "unique" treasure item you'll find is a vanilla one with some gimmicks and twists.
  9. bevilex
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    Someone knows if it is compatible with Better Cities ?
    1. kallman89
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      a bit late but there a option when you install better cites to be compatitive with this mod =)
    2. bevilex
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      thank you (:
  10. TurkeyShoot
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    love robbing the vaults, Bruma is my favorite so far going to endorse but I have found to bugs, one is the leyawiin fake guard armor which isn't labled correctly or have the sript found out the hard way check it out with tool kit too,
    the second as is that the Bravil has lost its barracks door as notted by Lifferds post, I think I can fix the two bugs in my mod by renaming armor and appling the sript (its there I check not sure if it works though)the second by moving the door to the vault abit seeing if that stops the vanishing barracks.
    well, besides the two bugs I think this is a must add mod, it gives you somthing to break in and steal without making it to elaborate
    if fixed it would be 10/10 but right now 9/10 in my book keep modding and playing
    ps. the market vaults entrance are in the warehouse basement next to Jensine's shop but I recommened how I found it in the market sewers in that dead end (or the second?) well you well find it have fun
    1. gamingsrc
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      • 804 posts
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      The major issue I have with this kind of mods is that they loose their interests when you discover all locations and you know how to deal with them.