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UPDATED 12-15-07 Nascosto Isles 3 includes new hollow log caves, secret doors, tapestries, and more. You can get houses, fight pirates, save the isles from an impending attack, explore forts, caves etc. or just enjoy a walk along the beach as the sun goes down.

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Nascosto Isles is made up of several large islands, all beautifully landscaped, and full of unique houses, caves, dungeons, and ruins to explore. When you get off the ship at Nascosto
Harbor, you can start your adventure, (and be rewarded with travel amulets and two island homes) by talking to any one ofthe local residents you meet.
Learn about the Aylmer (or Forest Elves) who were the first inhabitants of Nascosto Isles.
Save the island from an impending attack and fight pirates in Pirate Cove.
There are new "log" caves, secret doors, tapestries, and more.

Almost all of the interiors that were in Nascosto Isles 2 have either been updated or changed completely. 2 new forts, 3 new houses (1 has a swimming pool with diving board), a new Pirate Cove, and a large new quest are some of the things that have been added in Nascosto Isles 3.
Among the things fixed were the pathgrids, (companions will stay out of walls), and the water problem in the fountain and in the second house.

Extract the files into the Oblivion\Data folder. Open the launcher, click on Data, and put a check next to Nascosto Isles 3.

The mod will start as soon as the game loads. A note, which includes a map, is placed in your inventory. You can also look on your map for a new map marker located on the eastern shore of The Upper Niben. (Look for a Landmark icon)

If you also have NASCOSTO ISLES 2, please uncheck it in the Launcher before loading Nascosto Isles 3.